Amazing Rokk Bands Have Finally Landed

The amazing Rokk Bands have finally made a crash landing at Blue Banana and we couldn’t be more excited for these silicone wrist bands. Coming with famous slogans written around from your favourite artist, a Rokk Bands wristband is the greatest accessory on earth. Available in different colours with contrasting text wrapped around to add to the effect. Brimming with attitude and style, these are the ultimate for all you rock kids out there. Wear them every day, to a festival or even to a hardcore concert. Sing along to your favourite songs and throw your hands up in the air in style thanks to Rokk Bands.

Slogan Silicone Wristbands

Young to the fashion scene Rokk Bands know how to help you make a statement without going all out. In simple but edgy designs, expand your accessory collection because these silicone wrist bands deserve a place on your arm. Whether you want one to get your arm noticed or you’re always adding to your already full arm, make room for a Rokk Band wristband. For both men and women to enjoy, a unisex Rokkband Love wristband will illustrate your soft side. Made from a tough silicone material, stretch and wear these as much as you like without the worry of them breaking. In a chunky design, get noticed with the Rokkband Access All Areas wristband. Go accessory crazy with Rokk Bands.

New Wrist Band Range

This fresh Rokk Bands range is packed full of accessories to get you noticed purely for your arms. A brand new way of styling, these silicone wrist bands will help you to create your own individual trend. Feeding a generation of music hungry fans wanting more than an average t shirt, a Rokk Bands wristband is the next best thing. For something bold and making a simple yet effective statement, get the Rokkband Peace wristband. Providing an audience with festival essentials and every day accessories, this company knows how to please. For an infamous slogan that makes an impact, the Rokkband Sleep When You’re Dead wristband is the fashion product you need. So what are you waiting for? Browse through the Rokk Bands collection today.

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