5 More of the Sickest Tattoo Artists Around: Part 1

A few months back, we brought you a round-up of 10 of the Sickest Tattoo Artists Around and it proved so popular that we thought we’d create a couple more instalments for your viewing pleasure! So, if you’re in the market for a new tattoo, why not read on to discover a whole host of phenomenal artists?

5 More of the Sickest Tattoo Artists Around: Part 1

5 More of the Sickest Tattoo Artists Around: Part 1


Finished this up yesterday @funcitytattoo on cool cat Kaitlin

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Y’know how there was always that one kid in art class that was so freakin’ talented that they could do literally anything they turned their hand to? Well, prepare to meet the tattoo world’s equivalent! From dreamy watercolour flowers and stunning portraits to geometric lines and text, Amanda Wachob can do it all. With a background in fine art and a sharp eye for colour, Wachob’s tattoos are utterly breathtaking. It’s no surprise that she’s one of the most in-demand tattooists around with such a killer portfolio! #allwewantisawatercolourlegpieceplease #prettyplease


A few ships I made. #clippership

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If you’ve watched Miami InkNew York Ink or Inkmaster, then you’ve probably seen the distinctive style of Luke Wessman. Blending a razor sharp modern edge with a love of traditional styles and colours, Wessman’s high-in-demand signature style has taken him all around the world! Since embarking on a career as a tattoo artist in the late ’90s, Wessman’s gained several celebrity clients including Travis Barker, rock legend Dave Navarro and wrestler CM Punk. And who can blame them for choosing him? We’re totally crazy about Wessman’s style!


If you ever needed an excuse to go to Russia, then Eduard Sarmaev is IT. Whether you’re after a hyper-realistic animal portrait, a classic skull or a dainty floral piece, this is the guy to visit! With an incredibly versatile style and a passion for vibrant, bold colour, Sarmaev’s artwork just oozes with personality. If you choose to grant Sarmaev the honour of inking you, then you can feel secure in the knowledge that he’ll give you a tattoo unlike any other! If it’s important that you get a tattoo that totally unique, then we suggest you starting booking your flight to Russia…


How can we describe Cally-Jo’s tattoo work? Let’s start with haunting. Cally-Jo deals in the dark and creepy, but in a way that few other tattooists manage to achieve. Her work has a real sense of heart to it (and we’re not just talking about her tattoo of a literal heart) that makes her creepy tattoos more than just, well, creepy. Some of our favourites include her incredible portrait of former Motorhead frontman Lemmy and a creepy rendition of a skeleton’s ribcage. If we were to sum up her work in one groan-inducing pun it’d be this one: boo-tifiul.


Half healed half fresh from the other day @kidsloveinkeast #handpoke

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If you’re an ardent user of Tumblr, then chances are you’ve probably heard of the painfully cool Grace Neutral. For the uninitiated, Neutral is a tattoo artist and body piercer who specialises in hand-poked geometric designs like mandalas and shaded cells. When she’s not tattooing, Neutral is a tattoo activist and fronts an online show called ‘Beyond Beauty’ with i-D magazine, which explores how the ‘younger generations’ are challenging the traditional notions of beauty and expectations of appearance. Pretty cool stuff, eh?

With so many insanely talented tattoo artists out there, it’s been preeeeeeetty tough job rounding up the best of the best! If there’s someone you reckon we’ve missed off, let us know in the comments! Alternatively, you can connect with us via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to show off your awesome artwork, using the hashtag #bbbesttatts! Hungry for more? Check back next month for the second instalment!

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