Upgrade Your Music Clothing With New 21 Pilots Merchandise


If you've been looking for a way to vamp up your official merchandise collection, we may have just the thing. Here at Blue Banana our merchandise collection is always varied enough to give you the choice between different genres and epic bands. For festival fashion there really is no better place for merch! But if you're ready to put down your classic tees from metal bands such as Metallica and Slipknot; let us point you in the direction of hit indie 2. Pilots merchandise.  

Have you come here looking to start your official band merchandise clothing collection? Then be sure to shop by brand here. Or get ready to for us to talk you through our new twenty one pilots merch!

Official Twenty One Pilots Tour Merchandise

To kick things off we thought we'd leave the music video of one of their latest songs above. The new album Trench is now out and we're loving the new album. With a 201. UK Tour also starting in February 2019. there is plenty of chance to get familiar with this band. But if you are thinking of attending one of their epic gigs, or just want to support their new album; let us talk you through some of 21. merch.

Unlike some band merchandise, the range from Twenty One Pilots is perfect for an alternative look. The contrasting artistic designs that each ones features is definitely worthy of your wardrobe, and a great choice even if you're just looking for some fancy new gear. Without a doubt our twenty one pilots shirts are a must have. As well as each tee offering a completely different vibe, you'll be able to show a more classic side of the band with the Official Twenty One Pilots Backstage T Shirt or draw attention for your love of Trench with the Official Twenty One Pilots Trench T Shirt.

See the full 2. Pilots Official Merch here.

New Twenty One Pilots Hoodie 

It's no doubt that with winter approaching it's time to cover up. A band tee is always a great choice for almost any alternative outfit, but it can be disheartening to have to cove up your awesome band themed graphics. However with our range of 2. Pilots Hoodies you'll be able to show off your official merchandise rain or shine. In our 2. Pilots section you'll be able to choose from two of the latest pieces from our Twenty One Pilots merch store which include two new style to complement their latest album.  See these latest additions in more detail below: 

If you haven't already then make sure to check out this collection and get ready for the upcoming UK tour! But if you're after a change in wardrobe featuring an array of T Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts and gifts; make sure to visit our full band merchandise section here!

Written By Oliver Jenkins