How To Dye Two Tone Hair

Want to dye your hair but can't pick just one colour? Find out how to rock the two toned look here!

There are many types of two tone hair that can all be created by you at home with plenty of patience and a little practice. Make sure to follow each step in order to successfully achieve styles such as split tone and peek-a-boo designs.

What does two toned hair mean?

Two toned hair can apply to a variety of hair dye styles but all have the common factor that they feature two tones. This can be one tone on the top and a lighter or darker tone on the bottom or peek-a-boo hair where you can add a funky colour to the underlayer of your hair that peeks through your natural hair colour.

What is two tone hair colour?

Two tone hair colour ideas include:

  • Highlights: Two tone hair highlights involve adding lighter tones to your hair to create a more natural look to your coloured hair.
  • Ombre/Balayage: This style is a two tone hair colour dark on top light on bottom. It is similar to dip dye but features a blend between the two tones.
  • Dip Dye: Dip dye usually involves colouring the bottom part or tips of your hair in a different colour.
  • Split Tone: This effect is a bold version of two tone hair colour that involves colouring the hair on one side of your parting with one colour and the other side in another colour. Usually, people opt for a middle parting to achieve this style.
  • Peek a Boo: The peek-a-boo hair colour is a hidden hair colour style. Usually, people opt for a colourful hair dye tone that is applied to the middle layers of hair, meaning your colour is revealed between your top layers of hair.

These are just some of our two tone hair ideas. You can get creative with your own versions of these two tone styles or you may know these styles by a different two tone hair name

What is peekaboo hair?

Peekaboo hair is the perfect compromise for those that need a neutral hair colour during the working week but love to experiment with bright colours. The middle or underlayer of hair is coloured with hair dye (usually, the brighter the better). When hair is worn down, the colourful peekaboo hair is covered but if you tie up your hair or wear it in certain styles then the colourful hair is visible.

How do you do peek a boo hair?

To do a peek a boo hairstyle, section your hair by clipping up the top layer. Take small sections of the middle layer of hair and apply your hair dye (or go through the bleaching process if you are lightening your hair first). Make sure the top layer of hair is thick enough that it will completely cover the colourful sections in the middle. Dye your hair following the instructions on your product and rinse out. Creating a peek-a-boo hairstyle at home can be easy if you plan which sections of hair you want to colour. The key is to make sure the sections of hair are small and to use foil to avoid the hair dye or bleach getting onto strands of hair that you aren’t planning on colouring. This is one of the newer two colour hair dye ideas

How do I part my hair to hidden colour?

If your hidden hair colour is on one side of your head then make sure to do a deep side parting to show off your new hair colour. Alternatively, you can pin or clip back a section of your hair to show off your hidden hair colour on the side of your head. Another great way to reveal your hidden hair colour is using braids. Braid your hair into a half up half down style or simply use braids to show streaks of colour. Out of the two tone hair dye techniques, hidden colour requires the most accuracy in order to get the hair dye in the right place.

How do I dye the underlayer of my hair?

Using a comb, part your hair horizontally just behind your ear. Tie up the top section of hair and pin up any loose pieces of hair. You can then follow your usual hair dye routine of colouring your hair on just the lower section that you have created. Make sure to apply a layer of petroleum jelly or baby oil to the back of your neck and your ears to avoid staining your skin. If you are planning to bleach your hair first then make sure you allow your hair a few days to recover before applying hair dye. 

How do you colour your hair in two tones?

If you are colouring your hair in two tones, then always start with the darker colour. Decide what type of two tone hair styles you want to achieve and split your hair into sections accordingly. Use foil to ensure that the colour is only on the strands that you are intending to use for your two tones hair. Take your time to ensure you get an even hair colour that doesn’t look stripy. Blend the colours or choose a particular layer of your hair to colour. Start a little way down from the roots to avoid the striped effect. If you want a natural two tone effect then choose two tone hair dye that is close in colour. Alternatively, you can go all out and colour half your hair one colour and the other half another.

If you would like a more detailed description of how to achieve some of the most popular two tone styles then check out these two step by step guides.

Split Tone Hair

There are plenty of ways to rock the two tone hair trend, but the two tone split is one of our favourites. Depending on your colour palette, this look can be simple and subtle, or bold and in your face and achieving it couldn't be simpler.

Before you begin, make sure you've got the following tools to hand:

  • Disposable gloves to protect your hands from staining.
  • A tint brush for precision application. 
  • Petroleum jelly to protect against drips and stains.
  • An old towel to protect your clothing.
  • A tail comb to detangle your hair, create a neat parting, and work the dye through.
  • Sectioning clips to help you segment your hair neatly.


If you're stuck for colour inspiration, then the following shades complement each other perfectly:

  • Raven & Sunshine
  • Bad Boy Blue & Infra Red
  • Enchanted Forest & After Midnight
  • Ultra Violet & Hot Hot Pink
  • Psychedelic Sunset & Electric Lizard


Comb your hair into a centre parting and using the end of your tail comb, vertically divide the hair into two sections, securing one side with a sectioning clip. 

Begin to apply your first hair dye shade to the one half of your hair, using a tint brush to work the hair dye into the hair at your parting. Once applied to your satisfaction, comb the dye through until it's frothy and tuck your hair to one side. 

Repeat the process on the other half of your head. 

Allow the dye to process for around an hour, or until the dye is dry. 

If you find it easier, you can dye half your hair, leave it to develop, and rinse it out. Then start on the second half of your hair.

Carefully rinse the colour out, using cool water. Work on one half at a time to minimise the risk of colour bleeding. 

Once the water runs clear, you can dry and style your hair as normal.

Peek-a-Boo Colour Techniques

To create a peek-a-boo colour you can choose two closely matched colours or simply leave the top layer of your hair as your natural hair colour and pick a different colour for the peek-a-boo section. You can choose any combination of colours for this look, but we like using similar tones for a subtle pop of colour. The following shades look beautiful together:

  • Vampire's Kiss & Psychedelic Sunset
  • Rockabilly Blue & Bad Boy Blue
  • Mystic Heather & Cotton Candy Pink


Before you begin, make sure you've got the following tools to hand:

  • Disposable gloves to protect your hands from staining.
  • A tint brush for precision application. 
  • Petroleum jelly to protect against drips and stains.
  • An old towel to protect your clothing.
  • A comb to detangle your hair and work the dye through.
  • Sectioning clips to help you segment your hair neatly.
Run the tail end of your comb from ear to ear, sectioning off the top of your hair with clips.


Apply your first shade of hair dye on the top half, making sure not to drip any onto the bottom section. 

To prevent the top half from bleeding onto the bottom, wrap your hair in tin foil or a plastic cap. Repeat the process on the bottom section of your hair and wrap once complete.

Wait approximately an hour for the dye to process.

Carefully rinse the top section of hair first with cold water until it runs clear. Repeat the process on the bottom section of your hair and your new peek-a-boo hairstyle will be complete.

For more information on our other two tone hairstyles please check out our full style guides for:


You can use any brand of hair dye to achieve a two tone hair effect but it may be easier to make sure both hair dyes are from the same brand because they are likely to have the same developing time and will work well together. Make sure to check out our hair dye sections to see hundreds of colour options for your next hair dye adventure.

Please Note: Blue Banana hair dye information should be read alongside professional advice. Blue Banana makes no guarantee of validity and additional instruction should be taken from trained persons.