Solo uso externo
Solo uso externo

Esta solución es adecuada para perforaciones corporales externas, pero NO debe ingerirse ni usarse en perforaciones orales.

Permite la recuperación acelerada de la piel
Permite la recuperación acelerada de la piel

Cura tu piercing rápidamente con esta fórmula suave pero efectiva. Mantenga una rutina de limpieza dos veces al día para un cuidado óptimo y ayude a reducir la irritación de la piel asegurándose de que su perforación esté fresca y libre de bacterias no deseadas. Cambio en tan solo 4 semanas.

Dermatóloga Probada
Dermatóloga Probada
Respetuosa con la piel y formulada con ingredientes veganos libres de crueldad. Aprobado por expertos y amado por los fanáticos de los piercings. Asegúrese de cuidar su piel con este cuidado posterior de la perforación esencial para ayudar a curar su perforación sin problemas.
Gentle Skin-Neutral pH
Gentle Skin-Neutral pH
Limpieza y antimicrobiano
Limpieza y antimicrobiano
Mantén tu piercing limpio de cualquier bacteria no deseada usando esta solución dos veces al día durante el período de curación de tu piercing. Lávese las manos antes de tocar su perforación y limpie suavemente el área con la solución de cuidado posterior Pro Pierce.


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Marca Blue Banana
Colour Multi Coloured


Care for your new piercing with the Pro Pierce Ultimate Advanced Aftercare Solution. This specially designed formula will help to soothe and heal your new piercing thanks to the cleansing antimicrobial formula and skin-neutral pH. This piercing aftercare solution is dermatologist tested as well as alcohol and fragrance free for a gentle cleaning experience.
This ear piercing after solution can be used on any cartilage, lobe, or body piercing, externally (Please note, it is not suitable for oral piercings). Enjoy accelerated skin recovery by taking the utmost care over cleaning your piercing. Make sure not to knock your piercing and always wash your hands before handling. Keep up a twice-a-day aftercare routine using the Pro Pierce Solution to help your piercing heal successfully.

The Pro Pierce Ultimate Aftercare Solution has a vegan friendly and cruelty free formula that is designed to help piercings heal quickly and effectively. This is an essential for your piercing aftercare whether it is your first piercing or your 10th.

How To Use Pro Pierce Ultimate Advanced Aftercare Solution
  • Step 1: Wash your hands with antibacterial soap and dry
  • Step 2: Gently clean your piercing using a cotton bud or cotton pad, taking care not to knock the piercing jewellery but gently moving it to ensure it is completely clean.
  • Step 3: Repeat 2-3 times a day for the recommended healing time.
  • Step 4: Use your open bottle of aftercare solution for up to 3 months for ongoing piercing hygiene.
Please Note: This product is designed to be used by a single person and should not be shared.

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