Here at Blue Banana, we have just made friends with some new adorable Tokidoki characters. Our Tokidoki plush range has expanded just in time for Christmas! With toys and accessories from the Mermicorno, Unicorno, Moofia, and Donutella collections, there are plenty of options.

The Tokidoki family are just too cute for words and are sure to make the perfect gift. These cuddly characters also have a super sweet story behind them. Their creator, Italian artist Simone Legno, absolutely loves Japanese kawaii styles. The name Tokidoki means 'sometimes' in Japanese which Simone Legno chose because 'everyone waits for moments that change one's destiny, by chance or by meeting a new person' - isn't that the sweetest! So exactly what goodies could you be getting your hands on?

Tokidoki Mermicorno Plush

The Mermicornos are mystical characters that are part mermaid, part unicorn so if you love fantasy creatures then make way for this incredible hybrid. Each Tokidoki Mermicorno shows their unique personality through their markings. For example, Fantasma is an edgy little Mermicorno with funky bone detailing; we definitely think she would fit in with the Blue Banana crew! 

Legend says the magical world of Mermicornos lies deep beneath the ocean and these mysterious animals only resurface during a lunar eclipse. They were created when a group of Unicornos rode on the tails of shooting stars into the sea, transforming them into Mermicornos. Grab yourself or your friend a Tokidoki Mermicorno plush to add a touch of magic to your home.

Tokidoki Unicorno Plush

The Unicornos haven't always been magical. They were once little ponies who happened to stumble across a magical waterfall. Upon passing through the waterfall, the ponies became Unciornos and entered a magical kingdom. But don't worry, they still comes back to visit our world sometimes, to bring us Tokidoki Unicorno plush toys. These kawaii unicorns come with a variety of markings so you can find one that suits your vibe. From magical rainbow to neon zombie, whether you are edgy or adorable one of these enchanting Tokidoki plush unicorn toys is sure to be the perfect match.

The Tokidoki Moofia are here to help make sure you grow up big and strong. These milk loving critters are here to keep peace in the school yard. They may be cute and cuddly but the Moofia characters are also badass! Enjoy keychain and plush versions of these awesome characters.

Donutella is in charge of the sweet colony who need sugar to survive! These donut and sweet treat crazy characters love it here on Earth after arriving by U.F.O. We have never seen such cute looking aliens and think Biscottino and Donutella are sure to make great pals to whoever you wish to gift them to. In keychain form or plush form, these cunning sweet characters are sprinkled with scrumptious cuteness. The Tokidoki Donutella plush features her classic sugar ring donut design that has seen her feature as the face of Tokidoki.

Tokidoki Plush Keychains

The Mermicorno and Unicorno gangs are also available as keychains for cute company on the go. Attach your Tokidoki plush keychain to your backpack or keys using the clip and take a touch of magic with you everywhere. These Tokidoki miniatures are ideal stocking fillers or secret Santa gifts and are sure to put a smile on the face of the person you are gifting them to.

It isn't just Tokidoki soft toys that are available. The Tokidoki characters have made their way onto other merch including this tech range. Level up your accessories with these kawaii designs. Wave your magic wand to transform your charger station and laptop into adorable hubs of magic. 

Our Tokidoki store just keeps on growing, with goodies to keep you fueled throughout the day. These lunchtime accessories are sure to brighten up breaktime and are all made to be handy for travelling and using while you are out and about.  

If you are heading back to school then why not take Donutella, Mozarella, and friends for extra good luck. From notebooks to cases, this sweet collection is sure to brighten up your day and prepare you for studying hard. While we love our Tokidoki toys, we also adore the range of practical yet adorable accessories available as Tokdidoki merchandise.

Has one of our Tokidoki plush toys already found a home with you? Be sure to tag us in a picture with your new friend on Instagram. Why not tell us why you chose your Tokidoki character? Our Tokidoki plush range is so gorgeous we are having a hard time letting them go but we can't wait for these amazing little characters to go out into the world and find a home with you!