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Genital piercings comes in all forms, shapes and sizes! There are various different piercings and jewellery types you can get for either male or female genital piercings. 

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Genital Piercings with Blue Banana
As we’re sure you can expect, genital piercings procedure and aftercare can differ greatly dependent on whom the piercing is being performed on! As well as male and female genitalia being vastly different from each other we also have size, shape and other limitations when it comes to the nether regions. If you are opting for a genital piercing then make sure you have done your research so you can get the best piercing that works for you.

All genital piercings should come with the disclaimer that they are not for the faint of heart. With needles being passed through some of the most sensitive areas of the body, it’s clear to see how these types of piercings rate highly on our Blue Banana pain scale. See more about how we rate the most painful piercings on our dedicated page. Make sure to check out age restrictions on the piercings as well, as there is strict law and guidance on who can receive a genital piercing.

The aftercare process with any genital piercing is always an important one. After all, if it’s your sensitive areas at stake then you want to make sure every corner and crevice of the pierced area is clean and in tip top condition. We’ve made sure to include all the information you could need to know on how to best clean and care in our aftercare guides as well as in our specific piercing type pages.

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