Facial piercings are body piercings located around areas of the face including nose, lips and eyebrows. The healing time and jewellery for these types of piercings varies depending on location.
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Facial Piercing Jewellery

Facial Piercing Procedure
Make sure to check the relevant face piercing age restriction before coming to store. It can help to avoid any undue disappointment. In a Blue Banana studio, face piercing age restrictions vary between each piercing. 

Once you’re all booked in, you will have some forms to fill out. A member of Blue Banana staff will go through the steps and can help you pick out jewellery. Then you can meet the piercer! They too will give you a quick consultation and briefing before discussing the nostril piercing location. 

Some piercings such as tongue and lip piercings may swell significantly when first pierced. To compensate, your piercer is likely to pierce you with a long jewellery bar, which can be changed once the swelling subsides.

Once your piercing has healed you will be able to change your jewellery to either a new colour or in some cases to a ring. Here at Blue Banana, we stock hundreds of pieces of piercing jewellery so you can find the one that is perfect for you. 

It isn’t just the design of your face piercing jewellery that you will need to consider but also the material and size. With high-quality titanium body jewellery, you can be sure you are getting a piece of jewellery that will stand the test of time and keep your piercing comfortable.

Facial Piercing Aftercare Advice
Each type of facial piercing requires a strict aftercare routine during the healing time. All piercings (excluding piercings inside the mouth) will need to be bathed gently with a saltwater solution or Tea Tree Oil, twice a day during the healing process. To find out the specific healing time for each piercing, check out our dedicated piercing pages for each individual piercing type. 

If your piercing is inside your mouth, you will need to swill a saltwater solution twice a day and use alcohol-free mouthwash after eating to clear away any food debris and maintain good oral hygiene.

Most types of lip piercing require both types of aftercare because they are inserted through the outside of the mouth and fastened on the inside of the mouth.
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Please Note: Blue Banana piercing information is based on knowledge from our experiences as the one of the UK's top piercing studios. All details provided should be read alongside professional advice. Please see our full Piercing Articles Disclaimer, here.