Up To 75% Off All Dresses! Hurry, Offer Ends Friday!

Nope, your eyes haven’t deceived you, we really are offering up to a massive 75. off ALL DRESSES! Awesome right?



Y’know what’s not awesome? Having nothing to wear. Picture this, the sun has finally come out, holiday season is just around the corner and you want to wear something other than your usual jeans and tee. You search through your wardrobe, looking for last years threads, hoping they’ll see you through another season, but alas! Your old dress looks tired, threadbare and well, not very ‘you’. What are your options? Swelter in the sun, clad in winter attire? Nah! Hit the high street? Ugh! Wear it anyway? SHUDDER Nooooooo! If you wanna avoid having any wardrobe nightmares, check out our amazing sale and stock up for summer!

Whether you’re looking for an alternative prom dress, something to wear at a festival or that perfect summer dress, our awesome range has something for everyone!


Summer Style On A Shoestring

“But it’s 2 weeks until payday!” we hear you cry! Fear not compadres, prices start at just 13.59. We’ve got a huge selection of dresses in a wide range of styles that clock in at under 20. so you can switch up your look without going in the red.

We’ve got dresses of all shapes and styles including:

  • Pencil 
  • Halterneck 
  • Skater 
  • Maxi 
  • 50’s Style 
  • Mini 

So whether your style leans more towards Rockabilly, Goth, Punk or Pin Up, we’ve got it covered! Also, we’ve also got a stunning range of plus sized dresses, perfect for adding a little spice to your summer wardrobe!


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Written By BlueBanana