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As you’ve no doubt realised by now, here at Blue Banana we provide you with almost everything you need! In the modern era we know how much of a pain it is to take time out of your heavy schedules of work and gigs to continue the upkeep of your ever changing alternative style. So, no matter whether it’s a new pair of shoes or a fancy new hair dye we try and make sure you only have one stop shop with us!

With this in mind we’re CONSTANTLY adding new fresh products to our website and highstreet stores and, in particular, some of our most quirky items come from our incredible Pop Culture store! On our website, we stock a wide range of pop culture merchandise that ranges from your everyday superhero T Shirts to character makeup bags and even some of the craziest yet adorable high heels you’ll ever see!

So if you’re a lover of pop culture characters and alternative fashion, or maybe just fancy delving into the minds and seeing the styles of people who do; we’ve created a little list of items from our pop culture merchandise to give you some inspiration for a future look!

Pop Culture Merchandise T Shirts

So in order to keep you all a little more open minded, we’ll start off at some of your more classic pop culture merchandise and develop into more elaborate styles and items for the people who really want to own their pop culture vibe!

To kick things off we’ve chosen a range of our pop culture T Shirts with elaborate prints from all of your favourite television shows and cartoons. Our nerd merch sports styles and designs from all of your favourites such as Deadpool, Star Wars and even the Joker.

What’s even more exciting for you guys and gals is that we’re now stocking custom T Shirts that have all been uniquely designed by independent artists and then fulfilled and made by us! This means that if you’re sick of trawling the web for that one perfect pop culture T Shirt and want to be totally sure you can really wear it without the thought of others pinching your killer image; we have you covered!  Sound right up your street? Check out our full list of Custom Tees here.

Pop Culture Gifts/Accessories

Is wearing your pop culture clothing just not enough? Or maybe you need something to take with you on the go? Our pop culture gifts and accessories will definitely win your heart!

Within our pop culture section, we stock wallets, mugs and even doormats! Yes, you heard that right!

Always dreamed of living in the Batcave? Then grab yourself the Batman Batcave Doormat for a little novelty when your friends and family pop over for a cup of tea. Why not serve it to them in a classic Adventure Time Jake and Finn mug? Don’t worry, if you want to kit out your home with the fanciest pop culture merch, then Blue Banana is the place to go.

Pop Culture Shoes

Now, if you’re a Disney mega fan and you don’t have a pair of these Irregular Choice pop culture shoes, are you even a fan?

These shoes are a must for any massive Mickey/Minnie mouse enthusiast or anyone wishing to bring some life to their alternative look. These ornate heels all have beautifully elegant glitter designs with some sporting a classic iconic Mickey or Minnie on the heel! As well as this, we also stock some incredible boots such as the Dr Martens X Beavis & Butthead Pascal Boots which will give you an iconic yet comfortable look wherever you go! So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to these beauties today!

Pop Culture Bags

If you’re looking for something epic to carry your valuables in, you’ll find it within our wicked bag collection. We stock some of the most premium hard wearing insane looking backpacks around! From rucksacks to messenger bags, we have it all!

Are you a gigantic Star Wars fan looking to prove that with your look? Or maybe even enjoy a bit of light cosplay? The Star Wars The Force Awakens Rebel Backpack is your dream from a galaxy far far away! Or maybe something a little more cute and cuddly? Check out the Irregular Choice Dreamy Mickey Bag!

So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for some more pop culture merch to add to your wardrobe, or just want to jump on this awesome trend, look no further than the Blue Banana Pop Culture Merchandise store.

If you’ve already treated yourself to some of our awesome merch, then you must show us! Send us your pics on social media or tag us, we’d love to see what you think of them! Or fancy keeping up to date with our new products, trends and blogs? Head over to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and keep yourself in the loop!

Written By Oliver Jenkins