Our Top 10 Pop Punk Bands of All Time

Here at BBHQ, we’re suckers for a bit of pop punk. Whether it’s Neck Deep, early Paramore or Operation Ivy, we’re all about that high-energy, happy-yet-angsty feel. In fact, we like pop punk so much, we felt it was time to do a round-up of our all time favourite bands! So read on to find out more…

Top 10 Pop Punk Songs of All Time: Pop Punk Pizza

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All Time Low started life back in 2003 covering songs by bands like Blink 182, so it should come as no surprise that their pop punk pedigree is pretty solid. With an ear-pleasing combination of soaring vocals, crunching riffs and insanely catchy lyrics, ATL tick all our boxes. With their seventh album Last Young Renegade due for release this summer, we reckon our obsession with the band will continue!

BONUS FACT: The band took their name from the lyrics to New Found Glory’s song Head On Collision.


Undoubtedly the most joyful, energetic and dance-friendly band on this list, Less Than Jake’s ska heavy sound encapsulates the pop punk genre perfectly. With a dual-vocal set up, lashing of horns and reggae influenced drumming, there’s a little something for everyone to love. If you want to check out more of LTJ, then you need to listen to Hello Rockview, undoubtedly their finest album and jam-packed with classic hits such as All My Best Friends Are MetalheadsLast One Out Of Liberty City and History of a Boring Town

BONUS FACT: The band are so obsessed with Pez candy that the iconic dispenser design has been a huge part of their merchandising collection since the release if their album Pezcore.


Can you listen to Fall Out Boy without dancing around like a moron? Nah, we can’t either. Bringing a dose of emo to their personal brand of pop punk, the band have created some of the catchiest and replayable songs of the past few decades (We challenge you not to hear This Aint a Scene, It’s an Arms Race and not sing along). Since their return from a brief hiatus, the band have consistently proved that they still have the magic touch, whilst evolving their sound to suit their more mature outlook on life. FOB aren’t merely a band you should listen to when feeling nostalgic for your scene kid days, as their complex and emotive songs truly stand the test of time.

BONUS FACT: In the band’s early days, they’d accept pizza as payment for playing a show. Now, it costs around $100-150k to book the band, maybe ‘cos there’d be a worldwide pizza shortage otherwise…


You may be thinking “Uhh…why them?”, but hear us out, ‘cos New Found Glory are a freaking immense yet criminally underrated pop punk powerhouse! Fast, energetic and melodic, the band have an undisputed ‘pop’ element that makes their songs the auditory equivalent of Pringles, in that one just ain’t enough to satisfy your cravings. You may only know them for their early 00’s breakthrough album Sticks and Stones, but there’s plenty more material to get your teeth into. From the emotive concept album Coming Home to their most recent release Resurrection (Their first album without Steve Klein), NFG are a band that are still knocking it out of the park, 20 years after they first formed.

BONUS FACT: The video for their biggest hit My Friends Over You featured a whole host of pop-punk royalty, including Travis Barker (Blink 182), Tim Armstrong (Rancid) and Brody Dalle (The Distillers).


Renowned for their diverse, yet undeniably punk sound, NOFX aren’t afraid to tackle social and political issues. Merging songs about sexual frustration and animal rights with diatribes on the state of American politics, drug abuse and the media, there’s no denying that NOFX are one of the more cerebral and socially aware bands on the pop punk scene. The band have purposely avoided signing with major labels throughout their career, favouring a low-exposure, independent path instead. If you’re not overly familiar with the band’s sound, then check out their 1994 masterpiece Punk In Drublic for a crash course in the majesty of NOFX.

BONUS FACT: The band hold the record for the third longest punk song ever recorded, with The Decline clocking in at 18 minutes and 23 seconds long. (If you’re interested, PMX’s The Ballad of Tony Montana is 23 minutes and 4 seconds long and Crass’s Yes Sir, I Will is exactly 20 minutes long.)


It’s not an exaggeration to say tat without Descendents, pop punk as we know it just wouldn’t exist. Formed back in 1977, the band are cited as a direct inspiration for countless bands on this list, as well as acts such as Rise Against, Pennywise and The Bouncing Souls. If you’ve not listened to the band before, then we recommend checking out their first full-length album Milo Goes to College, the purest, most perfect slice of pop punk you’ll ever wrap your ears around. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

BONUS FACT: The band have an IPA named “Feel This Coffee” that’s produced by the Mikkeller Brewery. If you’re of legal drinking age and fancy trying it out, you can find stockists through the Beer Menus site.


If you were a teen in the early 00’s, then you probably either loved or loathed The Offspring. Why so divisive you ask? Well, we’ve got six words for you. Pretty Fly (For a White Guy). Even the most ardent fan will admit that whilst undoubtedly iconic, it’s a bit of a marmite song. Novelty hits aside, the Californian quartet have been churning out hits since 1984 and in the process, have created a pretty unbeatable body of work. With distinctive hollering vocals and tight riffs melding seamlessly with their sun-drenched ‘Cali’ sound, The Offspring have revolutionised their personal brand of pop punk, creating something totally distinctive and inimitable. We reckon that’s something everyone can agree on.

BONUS FACT:  Dexter Holland has his own brand of hot sauce, named Gringo Bandito. (If you’re interested, you can buy it from the Official Gringo Bandito store)


Whether you’re an ardent fan of their early material or their more recent releases there’s no denying that Green Day are a genre defining band. From the frenetic days of Dookie to the politicised punk of American Idiot, Green Day are a band who can do it all. Still going strong 31 years after their formation, their most recent release Revolution Radio proves that they’re still on the top of their game, even if they aren’t maladjusted young men anymore…

BONUS FACT: Before he joined the band, drummer Tre Cool reportedly attended clown college but left after an unfortunate incident with a unicycle that went *ahem* where no unicycle is meant to go…ouch.


Formed from the ashes of seminal ska-punk band Operation Ivy, Rancid kept the ‘punk’ firmly at the forefront of their unique brand of pop punk. Unlike some of their contemporaries who favoured pop-esque polish and perfection over the raucous and riotous origins of the scene, Rancid have never been anything other than raw, rough and punk as f***. With some of the catchiest songs from the genre, the band have infinite replayability, largely due to Tim Armstrong’s distinctive voice. His scratchy vocals could never be described as dulcet or melodic, yet they fit the band’s sound and ethos perfectly and somehow, seem to sound even better when you’re screaming along with him…

BONUS FACT: Billie Joe Armstrong was invited to join the band in 1994 but declined to spend more time working on Green Day material.

1. BLINK 182

Anthemic, infinitely catchy and just a ‘lil bit puerile, in our opinion, Blink 182 are the masters of pop punk! With an extensive back catalogue, every fan has an era they’re especially fond of (*cough* Dude Ranch *cough*), but there’s no denying that it’s all pretty solid pop punk. Line up changes notwithstanding, Blink are still putting out some pretty amazing stuff today, over 20 years since they first came onto the scene, which is why they’ve snaffled our number one spot on this list!

BONUS FACT:  Travis Barker was the drummer in the comedic ska-punk band The Aquabats before he joined Blink 182 and was known as ‘The Baron Von Tito’.

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So there you have it, our top 10 pop punk bands of all time! Tell us what you think of our choices in the comments, or connect with us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to share your thoughts. Whilst you’re there, why not give us a ‘follow’ or a ‘like’ to stay up to date with all the latest BB news?

Written By BlueBanana