Top 10 New 2017 Films For All Your Nerdacious Needs!


It’s easy to lose track of new 2017 films featuring our favourite superhero and sci-fi franchises. There are a plethora of films from some of our favourite franchises and characters coming this year! If you love Marvel and DC then you’ll love our list of new 2017 films that are on the way. Although we can’t forget our visit to a galaxy far far away either! Here’s our top 10 list that we think are going to satisfy all of our geeky and nerdacious needs!

1. The Lego Batman Movie

Top of the list simply because it is out in cinemas now! Due to the success of The LEGO Movie, we now see Lego Batman fighting his greatest fears. The Joker has banded together some of the most dangerous film villains to rule over the streets of Gotham. Packed full of Batman references, this ‘kids film’ is sure to keep fans of all ages happy!

2. Logan

After a breathtaking first trailer, the release of Logan is nearly upon us and Hugh Jackman’s last run as Wolverine is sure to be a tearjerker (Just because we’ll miss him!). Featuring Patrick Stewart as a very old Professor X, this film is set to be grittier and harder hitting than any other X-Men film we’ve seen. Without a doubt, this one of the films we are the most excited for in 2017!

3. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.


Surrounded by a huge amount of hype, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is one of those new 2017 films to be reckoned with! There is certainly much excitement for the return of all our favourite heroes and the welcome arrival of Baby Groot (We LOVE Baby Groot). We’re hoping for an Awesome Mix Tape that was as kick ass as the first and some more chilled out Chris Pratt comedy!

4. Wonder Woman

After a brief appearance in the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice film, Wonder Woman is back for her own solo film. Set back in the early 20th century, this film will see the iconic female heroine take on the world for the first time. After a pretty awesome trailer, dare we say that this DC film doesn’t look half bad? Let’s be fair it should be better than Suicide Squad…after all, it’s not hard to be better.

5. Power Rangers

Let’s take a brief pause from the superhero onslaught to talk about the new Power Rangers movie! This is the third attempt at a Power Rangers film with this one promising to be bigger and better than ever before. Let’s be honest the trailer makes it look all kinds of awesome! To be honest, if Bryan Cranston’s in there then it’s certainly a new 2017 film to be excited for!

6.Spiderman: Homecoming

Ok, we couldn’t hold off the Marvel for long as we can’t way to see Spiderman: Homecoming! Tom Holland is the new wall-crawler featuring in his first solo Spidey film. He was so good in Captain America: Civil War that we’ve got high hopes for this young Peter Parker! Taking on Michael Keaton as the Vulture (as well as a few other foes) this is sure to be a good one.

7. Thor: Ragnarok


Honestly, this is our last new 2017 film from Marvel – there’s just so many being released this year. Probably the newest superhero film release we know least about, this film is said to see the Incredible Hulk enter Thor’s intergalactic world. This should promise huge fist fights and action scenes of the likes we have never seen before. It’s a long way away, but we still can’t wait to see Chris Hemsworth back in action as the mighty Thor!

8. Justice League

Set to be the biggest film set in the DC Universe so far, Justice League sees some of the mightiest heroes come together. Ben Affleck’s Batman has been busy in recruiting members for his new team including Jason Momoa as the new Aquaman. Please, please, please can this film be a good one? It should be amazing with all the characters it includes, but you should never raise your hopes too much when it comes to DC…

9. Blade Runner 2049

Ryan Gosling is set to lead the return of the iconic Blade Runner films. Harrison Ford is also set to return in this futuristic universe that is full of android and outer space mining programmes. We hope this new 2017 film pays true homage to the classics and doesn’t just become ‘another one of those sequels’. Although it’s got the actors and from the little teaser trailer we’ve received, we think it’s so far so good.

10. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi


In an event that’s set to rival to Christmas (for some of us maybe), Episode VIII is due in December. The new Star Wars film has only recently been named as ‘The Last Jedi’ which opens up a whole load of questions. We’ll have to wait a while for this one, but it’s certainly one of those new 2017 films worth waiting for! Hopefully, it’s full of badass lightsaber action and space battles. We also want to see as much of Princess Leia as possible as it will be, sadly, the last film in which she will feature. We think this new 2017 film is going to be one hell of an emotional rollercoaster!

There you have it! We think these new 2017 releases are sure to please all your nerdy needs! There’s a load of superhero fun and sci-fi awesomeness to come, so roll on 2017! What films are you most looking forward to seeing this year? What would you add to the list? Come and find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to carry on the discussion!

Top 10 New 2017 Films For All Your Nerdacious Needs!

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Written By Sam Oliver