How To Make Festival Flags

Note: This is an old article, check out our Ultimate Festival Survival Guide for some up to date hints and tips.

Nearly every festival hosts a littering of wavy structures, transforming what was once a field into a sea of coloured material depicting all sorts of imagery and colours. The festival flag can either help you find your base camp or show off your style whilst watching your favourite bands. Although this festival season might be over, you can save money next year by making your own now – because you know that in the run up to the event you won’t have the time!

UK Festival Flag

You can pitch them up alongside your tents to make it that bit easier to find your way back, especially ideal for those hazy or drunken walks through endless tents. Alternatively, you can get down to the stage early doors and fly your beasty structure for all to admire – brilliant for helping friends to find you, or for people back home watching on television to recognise where you are.

Flags and banners have long been a traditional part of Reading Festival and in the early 70. flags were originally put up for motorbike groups and other factions to identify themselves within the area. Although the reasons may have slightly changed the festival flag is still flying high and producing amazing spectacles.

What You Need To Create


1: You’ll need a sturdy and robust structure and a foundation that can stand strong in the festival elements, come rain, wind, snow or shine. A strong base to the pole will ensure that your festival flag will remain stuck into the ground and won’t budge. You’d also want to consider the size of the pole, depending on how elaborate and big you want your flag. Bamboo poles can be combined or bought in higher stature for a natural selection. Whereas telescopic flagpoles that include flagpole stakes for inserting into the ground can also be purchased.

2. Whether you have chosen your material and flag design you will need to think about how you’re going to attach this to the pole. Some flagpoles come with easy attachments to implement your flags but others may require you to build your very own straps. Remember to take on board the shape of your festival flag whilst in flight and use firm straps to keep it lodged onto your pole.

3: Material selection is key to your flags image and endurance. We all know how the heavens can open at festivals, the last thing you want is a drab and rain soaked flag drooping without character. Select some material that is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, something that will withstand the harshest of winds and wettest of downpours. If you’re looking to create your own emblem and design then there’s grand selection of kite and flag fabrics that you can easily get hold of.

4: Decorate the front and back of the flag. If you’re decorating your very own flag then try to think about how it will look out in the open and from different angles. By implementing a design on both the front and back of the flag you’ll be showcasing your design from both ways, enabling everyone to recognise where you are.

5: Pick a design that matters, shouts a statement or is important to you! It’ll be great to craft a flag that has a special meaning to a specific group or loyalty – this will make it unique and gives the opportunity for it to be shared with the masses. Flags paying homage to your local town, city or culture is a good way to show respect to those back at home. Provocative and extravagant designs can also be a way for your creation to be recognised and remembered. It may even get a mention on television or a cheeky camera zoom on the highlight shows.[/sociallocker]


Whatever you go for – big, loud and proud or just a little flag full of significance, enjoy your time at the festival and let the high times fly!

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Written By BlueBanana