Halloween Songs: Scary Music & Funky Tunes For Your Party Playlist

Now that we’ve finally reached October we’re sure that everyone is well and truly busy planning the perfect outfit for this Halloween. But the amazing friend that hosts the party has their costume as well as a tonnes of other jobs in order to give you the best Scariest night of the year. That’s why we’ve decided to make a little playlist of the best Halloween songs and take some of the pressure off for your ultimate fright night!


When it comes to hosting an ultimate party, one of the key and most important things to have is definitely a top notch playlist! Although you’re probably aware of the classic tracks that are a must; there are a few recent tracks that are a definite for your Halloween songs list!  So get yourself ready for some of the best Halloween dance songs; and if you’re not hosting a party, be sure to make sure they include some of these top tracks!

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Our Top 10 Halloween Songs For 2017

Although there are probably hundreds of Halloween songs that could be added to your playlist for October 31st, we’re going to give you our top 10 tracks so that you can mix and match with your favorite tracks of the year to give your ultimate playlist a festive spooky vibe!

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1. Ghost – Square Hammer

One of our favorite tracks of 2016 without a doubt is Square Hammer from Ghost. In recent years they’ve given us some classic tracks that are loved by pop followers and metal heads alike. But one of their standout features which deserves a spot on the Blue Banana Halloween songs playlist is their flamboyant style! To be honest, we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a few Papa Emeritus costumes this October!

2. Iron Maiden – Transilvania

Without a doubt one of the most iconic bands on the rock and metal scene is Iron Maiden, and they definitely deserve a hotspot on your Halloween playlist. Whether you love spooky tracks or just rocking out to some good old fashioned metal, this is a song in your Halloween playlist that all of your party-goers can enjoy! Check out the live track below:

3. The Adams Family Theme

If you’re looking for something to boost the moral of your party and bring back some nostlagia, reminisce to the good old days of Halloween movies with the Adams Family theme. It’s probably already on your playlist, right?

4. Bobby Pickett – Monster Mash

If you’re looking for an iconic Halloween song that you can guarantee almost all of your guests will know the words to, it’s Monster Mash. Not only is this song a classic, but if you’re looking for some Halloween dance songs to help get everyone on their feet, you cannot go wrong here. Have a listen below:

4. Rob Zombie – Dragula

Here’s another one for the rock and metal lovers. Rob Zombie’s unique gothic and alternative image is the perfect vibe for Halloween, so why wouldn’t it be on your playlist? Besides, a song about Dracula definitely deserves a spot for October 31st.

5. Alice Cooper – Feed My Frankenstien

Here’s another classic which we’re sure most of you will agree with. If you know your guests are into classic rock, this track will definitely get them pumped to party. Check it out below!

6. Metallica – Some Kind Of Monster

When the party starts to die down and everyone begins think about going home, this Halloween track is your secret weapon. Crank the volume way up to 11 and let the moshing begin!

7. Michael Jackson – Thriller

This little playlist of Halloween party songs isn’t ordered in favoritism, however, we think you would all agree with us when we say that this track would definitely be near the top. Not only does this song deserve a place on every Halloween playlist, but we’re pretty sure it’ll be continue to be a top contender for years to come.

8. Halloween Theme

If you’re looking for some background music while your guests arrive before the main event kicks off; this track from the 1979 movie Halloween will have your friends spooked and peeping over their shoulder for Mike Myers appearance. Have a listen below and prepare to be spooked!

1. Ghost Busters Theme

The party starts to die down and you’re looking for that final track to finish the night off? What’s one of the best Halloween songs for this? The original Ghost Busters Theme song! We all know the words, so get ready to finish the night on a high note!

Are you inspired for your next  Halloween playlist? Check out our spotify playlist to listen to all these tracks back to back!

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Written By Oliver Jenkins