Halloween Hair: Blue Banana’s Temporary Hair Dye Styles Guide

Blue Banana is the place to be if you want to discover the freakiest kinds of Halloween hair. We certainly consider ourselves colouring dye-hards, and with it being the Halloween season, it’s time to get creative with our ‘dos! Here are all the types of temporary hair dye that we will cover in this blog post:

  1. Styling UV Hair Gels
  2. Bewitching Hair Chalk
  3. Temporary UV Hair Spray
  4. Halloween Hair Dyes

Whether it’s a hairstyle for a Halloween costume or just a festive themed colour we’re sure have all kinds of temporary colour options ready and waiting for you. Although there are no rules on Halloween hair colours, there are certain styles that we would consider to be that little more ‘Halloween-y’. We’ve combined some of our favourite temporary colour options with some styles really worth trying out!

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UV Styling Gels & Halloween Hair Mascara

With a huge collection of styling gels, hair streaks and hair mascara, it’s never been a better time to experiment with some temporary hair colours. You can choose from a huge range of cool colours and sumptuous shades. Since all good Halloween monsters come out at night, we think a splash of Manic Panic UV Styling Gel should be your go-to product! With glowing reds, green, pinks, blue and more! The possibilities are truly endless!

Products To Try

Colouring Gel Application Guide

    1. The application is easy with our hair styling gels. The Manic Panic & Stargazer Gels both feature an easy application nozzle, whilst the Paintglow Glitter Streaks come with their own mascara-styled applicator. Simply cover the area of hair and let the colour work its magic.
    2. Apply thicker layers if you are going for crazier styles. With the Manic Panic Styling Gels, you can colour while you style. If you want a spiky look or a wild coloured Mohawk, then these gels will allow you to do just that!
    3. One wash should do the trick when removing the colour – it’s that simple!

Our Halloween Style to Try Out: Unicorn Hair. Made possible with the Paintglow Unicorn Hair Streaks Kit, whoever said that Halloween isn’t a great time for perfect pastel locks? Experiment with a pastel palette for exquisite new styles.  If getting villainous is more to your taste, then we think you’ll go crazy for the Paintglow Harlequin Hair Streaks Kit!

Bewitchingly Simple Halloween Hair Chalk

Hair chalk is a super simple way of getting an awesome new hair colour. We stock Hair Chalk from Paintglow, Stargazer and Splat. There are plenty of funky colours to choose from which we think will be right at home in any cool Halloween costume.

Products to Try:

When it comes to products, it’s simply too hard to pick our favourite shade! Our selection of Paintglow UV Hair Chalk is sure to make your style stand out. There are plenty of neon knockout colours in our Stargazer Chalks range, and our Splat Hair Chalks certainly gives some more alternative natural colours.

Hair Chalk Application Guide:

  1. Make sure that your hair, or the area you want to apply to, is dampened before application. The moisture will make the hair more absorbent and help the colour to last.
  2. Simply apply the chalk to the section/strand/tips that you want to colour. Try to start nearer to the root and work your way down the hair. Prepare for plenty of mess!
  3. To seal in the colour you should gently dry your hair with a blow-dryer and/or straighteners. Some hairspray can also create a protective layer to keep that colour locked in.
  4. To remove, all you will need is a quick and thorough wash and voila, the colour will be removed!

Our Halloween Chalk Style Pick: Perfect Pumpkin. If there’s ever a time to rock a bright orange style, it’s Halloween. A bright orange pumpkin hairdo can really make you stand out from the rest. An ample dose of Stargazer Neon Orange Hair Chalk or a glowing patch of Paintglow UV Hair Chalk will help replicate creative pumpkin styles such as the one featured.

Dance Away With UV Hair Spray

Let’s take a look at what kind of Halloween hairspray you can choose from. Both our Paintglow and Crazy Color sprays allow for some awesome colours and equally awesome designs. The application is just too easy and with such vibrant glowing colours, you can really get a freaky look going.

Products To Try: 

Tips for a Successful Hair Spray Application

  1. Section out your hair into the section you want to colour. If you’re trying out a load of new shades, then you don’t want unfortunate clashes and mismatches!
  2. Hold the canister at least 30cm away from your hair. Keep your eyes covered and face down during application. You could always ask a friend to help out if needed!
  3. Make sure the nozzle is clear. Build up and residue from previous applications or test runs can lead to splutters and splash rather than a gentle mist spray.
  4. Again, colour removal is easy! A quick wash is all it takes. If you’re headed to a Halloween party make sure to wash before bed, we don’t want those bedsheets ruined!

Our Halloween Style to Try Out: Wicked Witch. With some vibrant UV hair spray colours available we think a delectable dose of Paintglow Rebellious Temporary Colour Hair Spray will nicely top off any evil look. The dark Purple Hair Spray or even a lime Green Hair Spray is sure to give you that look you’ve been searching for!


Or how about a touch of Disney? An Ursula hair look or a Cruella DeVille hairstyle could definitely be topped off with some Paintglow Rebellious UV White Hair Spray! Ursula would be a perfect choice if you’re searching for Halloween hairstyles for medium length hair.

Lovin’ That New Colour? Get Halloween Hair For A Whole Lot Longer!

We love everything hair dye and would be delighted if a simple Halloween hairstyle experiment led to an awesome brand new permanent hair colour for you. We pride ourselves on stocking hair dyes and colours from some of the best dyeing brands out there!

With Manic Panic, La Riche Directions, Stargazer and Crazy Color included in our ongoing Halloween Multibuy Madness deal, you can stock up on new shades at a fraction of the price! What’s more, we have a buy-one-get-one-free offer on our Manic Panic Amplified range. So if you’re considering a new shade, the time to shop is now!

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Written By Sam Oliver