Get The Woochie Look This Halloween

Updated: This blog was originally posted on 12/10/15

Calling all the blood and gore types! Your fascination for the red warm stuff can now be applied all over your face-pain free we may add-thanks to wonderful world of Woochie.

Leader in professional prosthetics, Woochie has been top ranking in the field for two long decades. The dude that gave your parents nightmares, Maurice Stein, the makeup artist of Planet of the Apes (1968) fame, founded the special effects company in 1984.

After 200 films, TV shows and a whopping 4,000 ads, Stein hung up his beauty boots (kinda) and set up the small family run business, Cinema Secrets, which supplies cosmetics and special effects. Unfortunately for his retirement,but amazing for us, the business grew exponentially and within 3 years it outgrew its humble origins.

Stemming from the Cinema Secrets hub, Woochie prosthetics have brought the effects of Hollywood to the home. Not only can you become a rage-infected zombie a la 28 Days Later, Woochie even gives Spock a run for his money with impressive Vulcan style ear points.


Whether you’re planning an epic house party or taking your little sister Trick or Treating, go all out with a face-changing look that will be sure to supply you with a LOT of sweets!


Here at Blue Banana, we offer our top picks of the affordable Woochie range. From a vampire bite wound to other Halloween neck accessories like Frankenstein monster electrodes!


One of the most A-list monsters out there has to be the clunky old chap Frankenstein’s monster. His iconic look has influenced the horror genre and fancy dress since the 19th Century. His greasy locks, stitched together features and the classic rods stuck fast into his neck give the best of us the heebie-jeebies!


Come over all Gothic horror, with our simple steps to achieving this timely look.

  • Firstly, grab yourself a pair of the Woochie High Voltage Latex Electrodes. Position them at right angles to your ears and secure them with Spirit Gum (this comes with remover- so fear not young monster you will be a real boy/girl again soon enough!)
  • Blend the edges of the Woochie prosthetic to your neck with Liquid Latex and leave to dry.
  • Frank’s monster is famously green (even though in his premier movie he was black and white!)However,most monsters look best in green – just take The Hulk, Shrek or Mike Wazowski as inspo! Get the ailing look with Star Gazer Neon Special Effects Face and Body Paint.
  • Make the look more authentic with stitching scars around joints and eye sockets. Draw lines that look like attachments with Barry M No.1 Liquid Eyeliner in black. The fluid won’t scratch off any of your green tinged skin and will add some staying power to your fake stitches.
  • Go over the black lines with equally spaced, 1cm long lines using Silver Liquid Eyeliner. This will give you a metal stitched up appearance and the silver and green combo will really pop!

frankenstein woochie


Come back from the dead as a garish gangster. We’re all aware of the horses head in the bed scenario, so mix up the look with a shot down mobster! Not only is this look quite classy- you get to wear a suit! It also shows who’s boss of the party – you out lived a Godfather hit after all!


  • Get this look with our pin stripe suit set, Gangster Fancy Dress Costume. Not only is this great for the Halloween month, but will take you straight to New Year’s Eve too.
  • Appear as if you’ve just survived a bullet by using our Woochie 38 Exit Latex Prosthetic. Applying it your forehead will give you the shot favoured by the 1920’s gangster – straight through your head and dead!
  • Blend the wound to your skin just like you would with Frankenstein’s electrodes, but instead of using green paint, make the look more realistic with oozings of Halloween Fake Blood.
  • If you’re not planning to wear your suit for some sophisticated New Year’s Eve shindig- soak your pin stripe suit with the blood. Being shot is a messy business we hear!

wound woochie


If you’re Dracula’s date or a cosplaying vamp, get bitten with the Woochie Bite Me Latex Prosthetic. This low-fuss fixture adds a new dimension to your skin, adding a deep bite wound to your neck etc. Not only is this ideal for all you wanting to be vamps,but any zombie warriors may also share this tasty piece.

  • As before, follow the instructions on how to secure the Woochie addition. Not only is it normal to go with the contemporary neck bite, but why not pay tribute to Twilight and try James’ bite on Bella’s arm!
  • Make sure you go as pale as possible. You may like the taste of blood, but that doesn’t mean you have much of it yourself. Grab a bargain and opt for our Halloween Cream Makeup, covering any visible flesh.
  • Keep your eyes as dark as ash with a smudge of Stargazer Eye and Lip Makeup Pencil in black. Vampires tend to be exceptionally fabulous, so keep your makeup on point – unless you’re going for the blood starved vampire freak look!
  • By now, you’re probably well on your way on your transition to full-blown vampire. Finish off the bloodthirsty style with some bloody red contact lenses and chomp down on the Halloween Plastic Vampire Teeth with Fake Blood.

bite woochie


Are the Woochie prosthetics giving you some hellacious Halloween ideas? Then check out our full range here. If you are after something more glam this Halloween have a read of our How To Guide: Sugar Skull Makeup. With plenty of October inspiration lined up,keep your eyes peeled for what’s next on our Blue Banana blog!

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Written By BlueBanana