The Dr Martens Lite Range: A New Revolution in Footwear

Dr Martens Lite

Are you ready for the next revolution? Dr Martens Lite are a new and exciting range from one of the UK’s most loved producers of tough-as-nails, lifetime-lasting boots. Retaining the attitude of your favourite Dr Martens products, the new Lite range features Docs designed for a new generation. With a  lightweight construction, they’re sleek and comfortable, making them the perfect footwear for fans old and new!

DM’s Lite: The Next Revolution

When Dr Martens first exploded onto the footwear scene over sixty years ago, it didn’t take long for them to become a symbol of quality and durability. With their bouncing, air-cushioned soles, they quickly won the hearts (And feet) of the nation. You could almost say they were a revolution. And the new Lite range can easily be seen as another revolution; it’s Dr Martens reinventing the wheel and reinstating their commitment to keeping us looking cool and feeling comfortable. With their new lightweight design featuring a phylon midsole, you might just be at risk of floating off!

Not only do the DM Lite boots and shoes look great, they feel as well, courtesy of the innovative SoftWair insole. This unique insole is made from s lightweight and breathable smart foam that provides underfoot moulded cushioning for ultimate, all day comfort. Plus, with channels to promote airflow and an anti-microbial coating to reduce moisture and foot odour, these awesome kicks are perfect choice for anyone who’s always on their feet! Not only will your feet look fresh as heck, they’re sure to feel it too.

New Style, Same Attitude

Breathing fresh life into the iconic styles, the DM’s Lite range features several fashion forward designs that are guaranteed to become instant classics. With stylish colours and versatile shapes, the Lite range is perfect for work, rest or play! Two of our favourite styles are the Newton Boots and the Cavendish Shoes, both available in rich and sumptuous cherry red or sleek and chic black leather.

The Newton Boots feature a great new old design, taking some inspiration from the classic Dr Martens look. Their stylish, durable design is sure to guarantee that it’s love at first sight, adding a fresh new twist to a classic DM style; these boots, like all of the ones in the Lite range, are very much infused with Dr Martens DNA. The Newton Boots can be seen as the perfect meeting point between style and practicability, featuring a trendy slimline ankle as well as a lightweight phylon midsole. Like all DM’s Lite products, they’re suitable for all situations. Whether you’re looking for boots to wear to work, ones to wear to a party or ones to wear around the house, these are an ideal choice.

The new Dr Martens Lite Cavendish Shoes are similarly easy to love. Just like the Newton Boots, they are a versatile, edgy complement to any footwear collection and are guaranteed to become fast favourites! Whichever colour you choose to go for, you’re still going to get the same great DM’s Lite features. These new style shoes, like the Newton Boots, feature Dr Martens’ iconic premium leather, comfortable SoftWair insoles and slip-resistant outer soles. Their fresh and new minimalist design is sure to get you some approving looks – adding a new edge to iconic DM features, such as the yellow stitching. What more could you want from a pair of shoes?

Each pair of DM’s Lite boots or shoes features:

  • SoftWair Insoles: Made from memory foam, this insole is both incredibly cushioned and moisture wicking for guaranteed, all day comfort.
  • Ultra Lightweight Construction: The Lite range has an innovative phylon midsole that’s so lightweight, these boots and shoes weigh 1/3 less than their iconic counterparts!
  • Premium Leather: With high-quality Temperley and Carpathian leather uppers for a smooth and durable finish, these boots are built to resist whatever life throws at them.

So, if you’re looking for a pair of new boots or shoes that feel every bit as good as they look, then why not try out the DM’s Lite range? We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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Written By BlueBanana