Download 2017 Festival Prep: Who Needs To Be On Your Festival Playlists

Festival season is coming soon and Download 2017 will soon be here! Of course, the first festival jobs are starting your kit lists and checking there are no holes in last year’s tent. HOWEVER, we are very excited to see the killer lineup at this year’s Download 2017 festival and are preparing our playlists accordingly! Not only are there three awesome headliners, but there’s talent across all the stages which are certainly worth checking out.

Download 2017 Festival Prep: Who Needs To Be On Your Festival Playlists

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If you’re after the down-low on Download, make sure to check out our Download Festival Guide! With information and links to all the important stuff, it’s certainly worth checking out before you head to Donington!

Download 2017 Playlist Essentials

Without further ado, here are the bands we think should top your preparatory playlists and order of play when you get to the festival.

  1. System Of A Down

    Let us explain ourselves, we’ve got a lot of love for Biffy and Aerosmith, SOAD are definitely this year’s go-to Download 2017 headliner! These guys certainly know what they’re doing when it comes to putting on a performance. After the last two years of Rammstein and Slipknot on a Friday night, they’ll certainly be looking to pull out all the stops to make the opening night a good’un. As well as ‘Chop Suey!’, ‘Aerials’ and ‘Lonely Day’, ‘B.Y.O.B.’ will certainly kick off the weekend in style.

  2. Alter Bridge

    Alter Bridge is back for Download 2017! They’re back on Sunday night to kick things off before Aerosmith. This band boasts an awesome hard rock style which, combined with Kennedy’s strong vocals, makes for one hella good sound. These guys are sure to kill it live, we’re hoping for them to play ‘Addicted To Pain’, ‘Open Your Eyes’ and the almighty ‘Metalingus’!

  3. Steel Panther


    Certainly not a performance for the faint of heart! If you think the lyrics are lewd to listen to just wait until you see them performed. Steel Panther have an iconic style that will certainly fill the stage. These guys may look like they’re parading around in glam rock fancy dress, but they can truly play. If you’ve got some mini-rockers heading to Download with you this year, make sure to keep their eyes and ears covered throughout the performance!

  4. Five Finger Death Punch

    We LOVE a good blast of Five Finger Death Punch! These guys certainly can certainly make some noise with their heavy riffs and smashing vocals. They are sure to play favourites like ‘Jekyll & Hyde’, ‘Burn MF’ and ‘Lift Me Up’. The band have made news recently with break-up rumours, so they’ll be looking to prove themselves unified and better than ever. As part of the Friday night lineup, we think the opening night on the main stage is going to be pretty crazy!

  5. Rob Zombie

    Rob Zombie is certainly going to be one of the highlights of Download’s Saturday night proceedings! The man himself will certainly be dressed to impress, and definitely, knows a thing or two about commanding an audience. You’re sure to hear songs off the most recent album – The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser – but we, as most people will be, are looking forward to a killer Dragula performance!

  6. Clutch

    Although not your regular metal band, Clutch certainly know how to command a stage. They were pretty damn impressive at Download 2015, where they headed up the main stage before FFDP, Judas Priest and Slipknot! With songs such as the insanely good ‘Electric Worry’ and the likes of ‘Earth Rocker’, we think it’s certainly worth checking out Clutch on the Zippo Encore Stage during Sunday afternoon – the perfect way to prepare for the likes of Opeth and Slayerrrrr!

  7. Sleeping With Sirens

    A definite BB favourite, Sleeping With Sirens are certainly worth heading to the Avalanche Stage for! They’re sure to bring their air game with songs such as ‘Kick Me’, ‘If You Can’t Hang’ and ‘If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn’! They’ve been tearing it up since 2009, and are sure to make your Friday even more awesome!

  8. The Dillinger Escape Plan

    Tucked away on Sunday afternoon’s Avalanche Stage, you’d be crazy to miss out seeing the Dillinger Escape Plan. This progressive metal band from the US are the perfect way to indulge in something a little different – punk-infused jazz anyone?! We’re seriously hoping they pull out ‘Milk Lizard’, ‘Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants’ and ‘Symptoms of Terminal Illness’!

  9. Sum 41

    Love or hate Sum 41, you can’t deny knowing the majority of the words to the likes of ‘In Too Deep’ or ‘Fat Lip’! Playing just after Good Charlotte on Friday’s second stage lineup, this duo of bands is sure to be every punk rockers dream. Make sure you head over to the Zippo Encore Stage for a good ol’ trip down memory lane – just don’t be late for System Of A Down afterwards!

  10. Krokodil

    Some people don’t tend to bother with some of the smaller stages at festivals – but this is where some of the new up-and-coming gems are hidden! Whilst you should lways stop by at The Dogtooth Stage, we think that Krokodil is certainly worth giving up time for! The brit heavy metal supergroup made their Download debut in 2013, and have been getting better ever since.

There’s our list of bands to look out for at Download 2017! It’s a pretty full list – we’ve not even had room for Slayer, Motionless in White, Mastadon or A Day To Remember! 

Make sure you check out the full Download lineup below. There’s certainly a few favourites on there, and a definitely a few bands that you are yet to discover! Who are YOU most looking forward to seeing at Download this year? Make sure to let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you haven’t already, make sure to check us out on Spotify – we’ve got plenty of playlist for 2017 festival goers!

We just love the festival season here at Blue Banana! We’ve got all kinds of useful festival essentials, as well as all the official band merchandise you could ask for. Make sure to check out our site to complete your kit list. While you’re there, make sure to check out all of our Festival Guides for festival tips, tricks and further information.

More acts announced today across all stages #DL2017

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Written By Sam Oliver