Cheap Coloured Contact Lenses Just Got Even Cheaper

Good news for lens lovers! The prices at Coloured Contacts just got cheaper. With even lower prices your collection is sure to keep on growing. If you are addicted to collecting coloured contact lenses then this store will be kinder on the pocket but still provide top quality lenses.

Coloured Contacts offers the same top quality lenses but for a more affordable price. These are novelty items after all, so you don’t want to be forking out a fortune every time you have a costume party or cosplay event coming up. The lenses at Coloured Contacts are all made using a high quality pigmentation which means you still get bold, vivid colour coverage, even if you are a dark eyed beauty. Covering all eye colours and giving you bright striking eyes, there really is no reason not to purchase a pair of cheap color contact lenses.

Still scratching your head as to how these awesome lenses could be high quality and so cheap? With Coloured Contacts you have no need to worry about the calibre of lenses you will receive. All the lenses are FDA-approved so you can be sure that your eyes will be in the best hands. The lenses are soft, lightweight and breathable which give them a comfortable feel, so you will hardly even notice you are wearing lenses. The quality is sure to rival Boots, Argos, eBay and Amazon which is why they are one of our featured ranges, here at Blue Banana.

It isn’t just the lenses that have reduced in price. Postage in the UK has been reduced from 2.9. to 1.9. so you can go crazy over lens choices. Enhance your latest costumes, switch up your everyday style or add an extra level of glam to your next party. You are sure to start collecting these cheap coloured contact lenses after seeing all the fabulous designs.

Affordable Prices For Amazing Colour Contact Lenses

As the name suggests, Coloured Contacts is the place to go for all your non-prescription fashion lenses so start exploring cheap coloured contact lenses here. With every variety of non-prescription lens, it doesn’t matter what your style is, you are sure to find something perfect for you.

For a new everyday eye colour check out the natural coloured contact lenses range. Are people not taking you seriously enough with your baby blues? Try some sophisticated brown lenses to match your fierce and headstrong side. Maybe you want to try out a new outfit but need sparkling green eyes to match? The natural range comes in a variety of styles so you can try out a solid colour change or try a two tone option for the ultimate realistic style, after all eyes are naturally made up of many different tones.


Are you here to find contact lenses for dressing up? Nothing tops off a costume like accessorising with something from the coloured contact lenses Halloween range. The novelty costume lenses come in all different styles so you can be a serious scarer or a comedic spooker. From zombie to vampire we have got it covered.

For all you serious cosplayers we have got a range you are going to love. From anime lenses to FX lenses, there is sure to be a colour and design to match your favourite outfit. Be the envy of all with the ultimate dress up accessory. We bet you have payed lots of attention to costume details and perfected you makeup for your character but what about the eyes? Complete your transformation by having the right eye colour!

Reduced Prices on Cheap Coloured Contact Lenses This Way

The cheaper the lenses the more money left over for other party essentials or outfit accessories, right? So what are you waiting for! Get your hands on a pair of cheap coloured contact lenses with Coloured Contacts.

Found your perfect lenses before but couldn’t quite justify the spend? Now with cheaper prices you are sure to be able to treat yourself. If you are looking to stand out from the crowd and become a head turner then look no further for your perfect coloured contacts that are sure to wow.

Are you a makeup fanatic or just love to dress up? Why not have a photoshoot and share your coloured contact lenses look with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We would love to see what ideas you come up with! So get those creative juices flowing.


Written By Amy McEvoy