Carnival Season: Funky Fancy Dress Ideas And All You Need To Know!

With the Carnival Season well into full swing, and the Official Holiday nearly upon us, there’s never been a better time than now to aid you on your way to achieving that showstopping, sensational fancy dress ensemble! A traditional event that typically occurs during both February and March, Carnival is the perfect festive occasion to unleash those vibrant, unstoppable colourful tones!

Usually fuelled by good food, groove inducing music and sensible amounts of alcohol, Carnival Season is celebrated across the world! From India to Belgium and Germany to Barbados, people have been partying their socks off for years! Nobody likes to miss out on a good party, so why not embrace the Carnival Season for yourself this year and party the night away in true style with the help of Blue Banana!

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If you’re looking to get involved in this groovy, Pre-Lent festival, then we at Blue Banana are here to lend a helping hand! Offering a vast and colourful range of Fancy Dress costumes that are sure to have people cheering on your style into the early hours, there’s no better time than now to get shopping! From a traditional Flapper Girl outfit to a cheeky Evil Jester ensemble, there’s something for everyone here at Blue Banana!  As tradition goes, many people are known to wear masks during the celebrations, allowing them to separate themselves from everyday individuality and to embrace the sense of social unity. With an extensive and delightful range of Masks available here at Blue Banana, you too can embrace the Carnival Season without detracting from tradition! From Steampunk to the more dainty Venetian inspired looks, whatever your style or interest, you’re sure to find something to suit!

However, if you’re looking to add a splash of colour to your existing fancy dress ensemble, then why not check out our extensive range of Body and Face Paints! Sure to have you standing out from the crowd whatever the weather, our collection of wicked, and even Glow In The Dark, paints are sure to wow! Why not step your look up a whole other level with our funky and playful selection of Hair Dyes and Chalks! What better time than Carnival Season, to add a dash of colour to your look?! Why not experiment for yourself across our range of big name brands, such as Manic Panic, La Riche Directions and Crazy Color! With a batch of Ultra Violet Dyes to choose from, you can even rest assured that when night falls, your look can continue shining bright into the early hours!

Our Top Carnival Events

Be sure to stand out from the crowd this festival season with the help of Blue Banana! Unleash your inner party animal and embrace the vibrancy before it’s too late! With Carnival celebrations occurring all over the globe, not only during the Pre-Lent period, why not plan ahead and check out some of these wicked UK Based Carnivals happening in 2017:

Hackney One Carnival

When: Sunday 10th September
Where: Hackney, East London
More Info:

Electric Daisy Carniva

When: Saturday 8th July
Where: Milton Keynes Bowl
More Info:

Notting Hill Carnival 

When: TBC – Traditionally On The Bank Holiday Weekend At The End Of August
Where: West London (W10)
More Info:

For those that love to travel and are looking to party in style somewhere other than the UK, then why not check out these amazing European Carnivals happening this 2017:

Venice Carnival (Carnevale Di Venezia)

When: 11th – 28th February
Where: Across Venice but mainly in the Piazza San Marco
More Info:

Basel Carnival (Basler Fasnacht)

When: 6th – 9th March
Where: Basel, Switzerland
More Info:

So there you have it! Our ultimate run-down of how to make the most of the Carnival Season! With an abundance of fancy dress costumes, masks, hair dyes and accessories to choose from, now’s the perfect time to dive head first into the festivities!

Can’t wait to show off your Carnival ensemble? Then why not share your look with us on Social Media! We can’t wait to see what wicked creations are out there! Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Written By BlueBanana