Brand New Maasai Treads Collection

The new Maasai Treads range has arrived here at Blue Banana and we couldn’t be more excited.  The summer is well and truly upon us so what better to invest in than a brand new pair of flip flops?  But the sandals produced by this company aren’t your standard fare – they are made in Kenya from recycled tyres and inner tubes.  So when you invest in a pair of cooling women’s flat shoes from this company you’re not only helping yourself, you’re helping the environment too.  The Maasai Treads men’s flip flops are fashionable, well-made and unbelievably comfortable so that you’ll feel great this summer.  We are proud to announce the arrival of Maasai Treads to our range and think that you will love them.

Flip Flops from Maasai Treads

What we love about Maasai Treads, and what makes them an ideal fit with BB, is that they are all individual.  Each pair is made from as much recycled material as possible and hand crafted so no two pairs are the same.  This helps the environment and gives jobs to people who need them in Kenya; these expert craftsmen mean you’ll get a great pair of men’s flats and flip flops every time.  And let’s face it, with an unbelievable price for each of these sandals you’ll be getting excellent value for money.  The men’s flip flops have an extremely comfortable base with durable foot strap while the ladies sandals are slighter in size but equally as comfortable.  If you’re looking for something to keep your feet cool, Maasai Treads is the answer.

Eco-Friendly Maasai Treads Sandals

If you’re concerned about the environment and want a cool pair of shoes, Maasai Treads might be your new favourite brand.  Not only are the Maasai Treads ladies flip flops made from recycled material, 5% of the company’s profits go to the Born Free Foundation, a charity that works to help threatened and protected wildlife throughout the world.  Since emerging from humble beginnings, this brand has started selling their eco-friendly sandals in places as far afield as Cape Town, New York, Cairo and now here at Blue Banana.  With a huge range of styles and colours available to meet your taste and style, make sure you have Maasai Treads on your feet this summer.

Written By BlueBanana