Blue Banana’s Top 10 Pop Punk Albums Of All Time

Loud guitars, catchy lyrics and upbeat tunes…sound like your idea of heaven? Pop punk music is always evolving, but one thing’s for sure, the songs always make us want to grab our air guitar and belt out the lyrics!

Image Sourced From Pinterest

Image Sourced From Pinterest

If you think pop punk is a byword for boy bands with guitars, think again! Pop punk emerged out of classic punk in the 1970s and was ushered in by awesome bands such as Social Distortion, Descendents and The Replacements who introduced up-beat melodies to punk. This fusion of pop and punk thrived in California in the 1980s, became mainstream in the 1990s and the early 2000s when bands such as Green Day and The Offspring started getting played more….and since has gone from strength to strength! There are loads of festivals that are dedicated to this amazing genre, check out Slam Dunk and Rebellion for starters.

Picking the best pop punk albums of all time is not an easy job because there are so many! The punk enthusiasts here at Blue Banana HQ, after much deliberation, have compiled a list of their top 10 pop punk albums of all time. Read on to find out who made the cut!

‘Dookie’ Green Day  (1994)

The release of Green Day‘s third album ‘Dookie’ coincided with the release of their legendary single ‘Basket Case’ and marked the monumental moment when the hype surrounding pop punk really started to surge!

The timeless tunes featured on this album strayed from the angry punk band archetype of old and introduced some humour to punk, paving the way for more lighthearted punk bands to make their mark.

‘Punk In Drublic’ NOFX (1994)

1994 was a significant year for punk music and, around the same time as Green Day released their iconic ‘Dookie’ album, NOFX dropped their earth shattering fifth studio album.

We debated long and hard over which NOFX album to choose but decided that ‘Punk In Drublic’ was their most crucial record because of its angry lyrics addressing topics like politics, race and religion, mixed with bad-ass guitar solos. This epic album really shows off what this awesome band can do and it set the bar for all the other sick albums that followed.

‘…And Out Come The Wolves’ Rancid  (1995)

The 1990s saw the rise of pop punk as a mainstream music genre. Following the release of Green Day’s legendary ‘Dookie’ and The Offspring’s influential ‘Smash’ in 1994, Rancid were pursued by several major record labels, recognised for their unique musical sound of punk and hardcore blended with ska and rocksteady.

Their third studio album ‘…And Then Come The Wolves’ encapsulates their sundrenched pop punk sound and is easily one of the most kick-ass pop punk albums ever made!

‘Americana’ The Offspring (1998)


Of all the awesome albums The Offspring recorded, ‘Americana’ was the one that eventually made it onto our list. Following their breakout album ‘Smash’ and the brilliant ‘Ixnay on the Hombre’ which culminated in a worldwide tour, their fifth studio album ‘Americana’ achieved major success.

All except one of the singles from this album made it onto their greatest hits album and with classics such as ‘The Kids Aren’t Alright’ and ‘Why Don’t You Get A Job’, this is worthy of some serious air guitar action!

‘Enema of the State’ Blink 182  (1999)

Jam-packed with abrasive guitar hooks and catchy, immature lyrics, we just can’t help but sing along to Blink 182‘s energetic tunes like ‘All The Small Things’ and ‘What’s My Age again?’ ‘No one should take themselves so seriously’ is one of the memorable lyrics that proves that this album is Blink 182 at their finest!

They’ve even managed to make singing about alienation and feeling pissed off with the sucky state of the world sound like one big party! Its this feel-good sound which makes ‘Enema Of The State’ deserving of a place in every punk rocker’s record collection!

‘Bleed American’ Jimmy Eat World (2001)

With massive tunes like ‘Sweetness’ and ‘In The Middle’ landing at a time when pop punk was at its peak, ‘Bleed American’ became Jimmy Eat World‘s breakthrough album.

Out of all the pop punk albums we could think of, this is the one that seems to speak to us directly. The frustrated and insightful lyrics like, ‘Are you gonna waste your time thinkin’ how you’ve grown up or how you missed out?’ are easy to relate to. This album has too much energy and passion to be left out of anyone’s pop punk playlist!

‘All Killer No Filler’ Sum 41  (2001)

Choosing Sum 41 was a no brainer and it really had to be ‘No Killer No Filler’ because of smash hit singles ‘Fat Lip’ and ‘In Too Deep’, the latter even making it on to the American Pie 2 soundtrack.

With fast-paced tunes that can only really be described as a music version of Jackass, these punk hooligans became memorable for their prank video clips, skater style and ‘whining with attitude’ sound. Fun, laid-back lyrics like ‘We like having fun at other people’s expenses’ will never get old!

‘Ocean Avenue’ Yellowcard (2003)

Yellowcard had to make it onto our list for scoring top points for originality. Their signature use of a violin in their songs gives them a distinctive sound within the pop punk world. Plus we can’t help but appreciate the fact that they’re a good-looking group of guys!

With songs that are crammed full of emotion, this nostalgic album took everyone at Blue Banana HQ on a trip down memory lane. Loaded with classic tunes, incredible riffs and emo-inspired lyrics, ‘Ocean Avenue’ needs to be in your pop punk album collection!

‘From Under The Cork Tree’ Fall Out Boy (2005)

Blue Banana's Top 10 Pop Punk Albums Of All Time: Fall Out Boy's From Under The Cork Tree                                 Blue Banana's Top 10 Pop Punk Albums Of All Time: Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy‘s ‘Under The Cork Tree’ is a revolutionary album. Not only did it mark their explosion into mainstream success, it was also the album that gave pop punk a place in the charts.

How did they do this? By combing emo-fueled lyrics about romantic dramas and teenage angst with lively melodies. This clever record completely shook up pop punk as a genre and took it to a whole new level, paving the way for bands like Panic! At The Disco and Paramore.

‘Riot’ Paramore (2007)

Paramore‘s second studio album, ‘Riot’ has a lot of sentimental value here at Blue Banana HQ. Princess of pop punk Hayley Williams belts out ridiculously catchy melodies and lyrics positively dripping with angst, we just can’t help but scream along with her!

The soaring synthesiser melodies and bouts of electronic drumming, mixed with their typically well- groomed power chords, created a record that is impossible to listen to without headbanging! An iconic album from this young and sexy band which will resonate with anyone who’s ever been through a break-up that felt like the end of the world!

Did Someone Say Pop Punk Playlist?

That brings us to the end of our top 10 list but we’re determined to make sure this awesome genre of music lives on! We’ve put together a pop punk playlist for you, featuring all of our top 10 bands mentioned above….you’re welcome!

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