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The biggest day of the year is nearly here and people around the world are getting ready to exchange Xmas presents with family, friends and loved ones. It's a time to spread joy and love. During the darkest time of the year, we create light by spending time together. Getting the right gifts to make the perfect Christmas experience can be exhausting. 

At Blue Banana, we're determined to help make your search as easy as possible. That's why we've created this list of some Christmas gift ideas from our gigantic range of special gifts. We have a whole range of gifts that you can search through as well as a voluminous clothing section. With so much on our website, you're bound to find the right Christmas Gift for everyone.

So we recommend you sit back with a nice cup of cocoa and give this blog a quick browse for possible gift ideas that deserve a place underneath your tree this year.

Give The Gift of Relaxation With Hex Bombs

When the snow is falling outside and the bitter chill of winter is starting to make travelling a nightmare, the calming warmth of a nice hot bath can be heavenly. Now your loved one can make their bath time into a Christmas miracle with the soothing aroma and relaxing salts of a Hex Bomb. These delightful bath bombs will turn your bath a range of different colours for a really unique bath experience. There are plenty of different fragrances available from Hex Bombs including the Christmas themed Slay Hex Bomb with it's Christmas spices aroma and dark red colour. There are plenty of colourful alternatives including Baked Apple in the Serpentine Hex Bomb. Get searching through the range of Hex Bombs and get these unique Christmas gifts for your loved one.

Rocking Around The Christmas Tree with Band Merch

Blue Banana and Official Band Merchandise have been best buddies for nearly two decades now, so it makes sense that we'd be your destination for quality band merch worthy of the biggest Alternative music connoisseurs. If you're looking for the best Christmas gifts for Dad then how about something from his favourite classic rock band? Make Christmas rock with the Official AC/DC Christmas Jumper or help make the trip to work each morning a little easier on your loving father with the Official The Beatles Hard Days Night Travel Mug

But it's not just Dad who gets to enjoy the advantages of our extensive collection of band merch. If your friends love some of the current Alternative bands making music, then perhaps a Tee like the Official Twenty One Pilots Backstage T Shirt will make their Christmas. Or help them plan out the next year with the help of an Official Black Veil Brides 201. Calendar. It may seem like it's impossible to think of Christmas gift ideas for teenage girl but you probably know exactly which band they love and they will definitely appreciate your attention to their interests.

Get A Gift From Your Loved One's Favourite TV Show

Whether your loved one is obsessed with Game of Thrones, Devoted to Rick & Morty or any other TV show, there is something waiting for you in our TV Pop Culture section. You can gift a notebook for those who love to write, a heat-changing mug for those who are shockingly Pika-choosy with presents, or a super kawaii makeup bag. So start keeping an eye out for what your loved ones are watching and start looking through our store for Christmas gift ideas.

It's A Wonderful Life When You Give Movie Themed Christmas Gifts

We really recommend that you browse through our Movie merchandise section because there are so many options that will leave you wishing someone else was looking at this list for your presents. Items like the Harley Quinn Bath Duck or the Snow White Vest Top will let your loved one enjoy their favourite movie characters. But then the more novelty gift ideas like the Cinematic Lightbox will give you Christmas day added hilarity when the recipient spends the whole day arranging funny or festive messages. 

If you'd prefer to take your gift giving to the next level, the Harry Potter Mug & Glass Gift Box is a massive present that muggles and wizards around the world will jump over backwards for!

Get Twice The Christmas Gifts For A Great Price

To help you fill your stockings with plenty of fun and entertaining little gifts, we have a whole section of items that are Buy One Get One Free. We have a bunch of Gothic gifts available in this section so you can get multiple friends a Christmas gift without leaving your wallet feeling desolate.

With Gothic jewelry, belts, wristbands and a whole lot more, your friends will be looking totally badass in no time. If Gothic isn't the sort of thing your friend will enjoy, perhaps a stylish Onesie or a Scarf with leopard paws to make winter warmer and super cute.

Those are just a few of our Christmas Gift Ideas so go check out our store for everything that you could possibly need when doing your Christmas shopping. While you're here, don't forget to give us a like and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date when we add new items and provide great deals on our products. Don't forget to let us know what part of Christmas Day gets you the most excited!


Written By BlueBanana