Back to School Backpacks: We’re Extending The Up To 60% Off Bags and Backpacks Sale

Back to School Backpacks

Up to 60% off Bags & Backpacks

September has begun and the school year will soon begin once again. After a break from school, the return to the school halls may seem a bit melancholy. At Blue Banana, we know that the school year is what you make of it, so having the proper equipment for class is an essential. You may still be hanging on to your old backpack covered with holes and that mystery stain from chemistry class. We’ve decided to extend our Back to School Backpacks sale this week. Now there is no excuse to hold on to that old bag when you can get a cheap new backpack.

Shopping for the back to school essentials can be boring. But once you’ve seen some of the designs available in the sale, you’ll be glad you had a browse. We know that you want a quality backpack that also has some fashion value. That’s why we have the best Alternative backpacks to fit your style. Whether you’re looking for a special novelty bag or a pop culture backpack, take a look at our backpack section.

Just to make the search a little easier, here is a quick list of some of the styles available in our sale. Check out these amazing options. You may fall in love with a backpack and just have to get it.

Make Your Style Pop With Pop Culture Backpacks

If your style fits in the Geek Chic group then you will love our Pop Culture Backpacks. If you’re in love with the Marvel comic universe then we have the bag for you. The Marvel Comics Captain America Backpack is a really stylish design. With the same pattern as Captain America’s uniform, it would be impossible to mistake it for anyone else. The bag also combines style with practicality. The small front and large back compartments will easily hold all of your education essentials. Make sure that you’re looking super for your first day of school

If you’re on the other side of the Comic book debate and prefer DC then don’t worry. You won’t miss out with all of the DC comic bags that we have. One example is the DC Comics Joker & Batman Vintage Satchel. For those who want a side bag for added fashion value, this is an excellent way to carry your essentials. The satchel is perfect for holding a laptop, school books or anything you need. If you love the Joker then you’ll go crazy for how good this bag looks. If you’d prefer a backpack then check out the Backpack section to find a whole range of DC comics bags.

If you’re more of a Star Wars fan then check out the Star Wars The Force Awakens Rebel Backpack. This giant backpack has room for all of your important items including your laptop. This bag has a front, middle and back compartment as well as two small front pouches and two side pouches. Not only can you hold everything, but you can organize what items you place in each compartment. Now you’ll never have to search through your bag for the pencil case that is somewhere at the bottom.

Celebrate A Beloved Band with RockSax Backpacks

At Blue Banana, we work hard to make sure that you can represent your favourite bands. You can have all of the Band Tees in the world, but when it comes to School, you’ll be stuck in uniform with only your backpack to show off your style. Check out these RockSax Backpacks with several big name bands. You can get an iconic bag that shows off your love for the classics with a Ramones or The Rolling Stones backpack. Or if you’d prefer to show off some heavy metal love then getting a Bring Me The Horizon or Slipknot bag is the best option for you. With more bands available, be sure to check them out in this week’s sale. All RockSax bags have a large back and a front compartment so you will have no problem holding your essentials.

Get Cheap Back to School Backpacks for Girls In The Sale

For girls who are going back to school and don’t want any of the Pop Culture or Band Backpacks, then you may prefer a simple design that looks fashionable. For those who want summer all year round, the Blue Banana Daisy Backpack is a refreshingly simple style. The simple Daisy pattern on a blue background is a fashion friendly back with a floral theme. The bag has two compartments that will keep all of your items safe.

Some will prefer the vintage style of the Spiral Acid Tiedye OG Backpack which features the classic 60’s tie-dye colour effect. This bag is all about mixing the iconic design with practicality. The large compartment has plenty of room as well as a special opening to connect Headphones to your music player. If you need a back to school backpack then you will absolutely love this one.

Last but not least we have the Bleeding Heart Love Dies Backpack for those who want an Alternative style backpack. The Punky Pink bag features a skull and hearts design with letting that says Love Dies Slowly. This is the perfect bag for girls who don’t just follow the status quo. If you love being rebellious then you definitely have to try out this bag.

So there’s a quick list of some of our favourite backpacks in the Back To School Backpacks Sale. Check out the Sale Section to get looking for other designs that you will adore. While you’re browsing, be sure to give us a like and a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we will keep you up to date on all the future events happening at Blue Banana.

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