American Horror Story: Cult is Inspiring Scary Clown Halloween Costumes

Tomorrow, on Tuesday 5th September, the first episode of the seventh season for American Horror Story will begin. The new season named Cult takes place in Michigan on the night of Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S. general election and the days that follow. The story is a heavily satirical response to Trump’s policies and we’re looking forward to seeing what will happen to the characters revealed in the trailer. So far we’ve seen the Hilary supporting lesbian couple played by Sarah Paulson and Alison Pill, whose world is slowly being destroyed by a cult of people dressed in scary clown halloween costumes. The group appears to centre around Evan Peters’ deranged pro-Trump character.

We at Blue Banana are embracing this year’s movies and TV shows portrayal of creepy clowns. Both Stephen King’s IT and American Horror Story are set to begin this month and are setting the mood. It seems like we’ll be seeing a lot of Scary Clown Halloween Costumes when the night finally arrives. With this in mind, we’re set to provide you with everything you need for Halloween 2017. Take a look at some of these fancy dress costume ideas that we’ve put together. All of which are inspired by the latest American Horror Story.

The Best Scary Clown Halloween Costumes for 2017

Going as a scary clown for Halloween in 2017 is a great idea. But don’t loiter in the street for too long, we don’t want a repeat of that craze. So if you’re thinking about killing it as a clown then you will need the best fancy dress costume to get the look that you want. The Blue Banana Scary Clown Fancy Dress Costume is a brilliant checkered jumpsuit and red wig. This costume will terrify your friends more than the phantom step at the bottom of a staircase in the dark. It’s scarier than a U.S. medical bill after Trump removes your insurance. This is a coulrophobic person’s worst nightmare.

If you want to complete the look, you will need some face paint to go with your costume. The Blue Banana Killer Clown Face Paint Kit has everything you need. The face-paint, fake blood and liquid latex are easy to apply and will help you get the look you desire. Then simply pop on the red nose and optionally include the spiked teeth to make yourself look really scary.

Some people may not want to mess around with make up when they can just get an easy alternative. If you want an easy to remove look then the Blue Banana Scary Clown Mask will be perfect for you. With spiky teeth in a wide red mouth, you are sure to terrify everyone. So get inspired when you watch the new season of American Horror Story tomorrow and see if this is the great new look for your Halloween fancy dress costume.

Other American Horror Story: Cult Costume Ideas

Evan Peter’s character, Kai Anderson has a very unique look for is sure to be replicated on Halloween night. With the long blue hair and yellow jumper, it’s a noticeable look to replicate. If you’re the type of person who likes to wear ordinary clothes that are still technically an outfit then this is the costume idea for you. Simply add some Manic Panic Dye Hard Temporary Blue Hair Colour Styling Gel to your hair for the night. The yellow jumper and blue jeans can be bought anywhere, including thrift shops if you want to save some money. On the night, start telling your friends you’re going to make America great again and you’ve got a complete costume.

Speaking of making America great again, we love the idea of going as the Commander in Chief for Halloween. Trump has such an iconic look that everyone will know exactly who you are dressed as on Halloween night. Your costume will have to start with a suit, so if you have to wear one for work then you’ll save yourself time and money. Then add the Blue Banana Boy Band Blonde Wig for a dazzlingly bright head of hair. You can now pass as Trump, but if you want particular attention to detail then you can add a thin layer of Stargazer No 8 Peach Blusher across your face to really complete the look. This outfit is best if you’re going to a friend’s house party. Then you can start building walls out of cushions and other furniture.

Fancy Dress Costumes at Blue Banana UK

We really hope you liked some of our American Horror Story costume ideas. Whether you’re interested in Scary Clown Halloween Costumes or any other frightening outfit, be sure to check out our Fancy Dress section for costumes and accessories. Will you be trying any of these ideas when October rolls around? Be sure to send a selfie of your Trump outfit or clown costume to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Don’t forget to like and follow so you stay up to date on costume ideas, new products, sales, and more!

Written By BlueBanana