5 Comic Books you MUST Read

Howdy to all you comic book lovers out there! For most of this generation it was either a film or television series that introduced us to all the superheroes we love and admire. But have you ever given a graphic novel a chance?  As we all know comic books are making a huge come back in the movie industry more than ever these recent years, with huge superhero Hollywood blockbusters taking over our cinemas. You can’t go to the cinema nowadays without a Marvel or DC film being screened. Once indulged with these comic stories you can understand why they are richer, deeper and more involved than their cinematic adaptations. Here at Blue Banana we love trying anything new, so we’ve put together a list of some of THE most awesome comic books, that we’re sure will capture your imagination!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Mirage Studios)

(by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird)

If you haven’t heard of TMNT you must be living under a shell, but did you know that it was the comic books that started the whole thing in 1984? This comic book series begins by telling us the origin of the turtles but not how we know it. The grudge between Splinter and Shredder is very different to the cartoon series, without giving away too much. From the very start we are introduced to extreme levels of violence. It’s violent because they do not show us everything that happens, we’re left to imagine some of the killings in our mind and that makes it so much more brutal than what can been seen on the pages. From alcohol drinking, mild cussing and the turtles actually using their weapons to stab their enemies, we are seeing TMNT in a new black-hearted light.

We know it’s a sinister story as there’s no real ‘good guy’ considering we can’t blame either Shredder or Splinter for wanting their revenge.  The grim and dark story we are given is not as black and white as the cartoon series; it literally comes alive right off the paper and we can see it happening just as if it was a movie. During some parts, like the fight scenes, there is not much dialogue whatsoever, just frantic pages and pages of insane savage action.  In just forty pages it blows your mind! We think this is the greatest Ninja Turtles story ever told. If we met somebody who has never heard of TMNT, we would chuck them this and say “Here’s everything you need to know!


Batman: The Killing Joke 

(by Alan Moore & Brian Bolland)

Most of you will say your favourite Batman villain is unquestionably The Joker due to his distressing, ominous and psychotic personality, which brings out the mad-man in all of us. But do you know how his story originated? Well for the first time his origin is revealed in this superbly atmospheric tale of insanity and human perseverance. We are taken on a journey with The Joker as he seeks out to prove to the batman that any man is just one bad day away from madness. That anyone can be like him.

Seeing The Joker as a family man and failing comedian will bring new ideologies, thoughts and conceptions of the character you love to hate.  The book explores the assertion that psychologically, “Batman and The Joker are mirror images of each other.” With radiant artwork, a captivating story and a plot with so much catastrophe you are in for an intense treat.

It’s hard to not give away too much as this novel is so unpredictable you just have to read it for yourself with no spoilers. Some sections of the graphic novel are not for the faint of heart, so be prepared.  If you’ve read it before, read it again, you owe it to yourself.



(by Shannon waters, Grace Ellis and Noelle Stevenson)

This light hearted approach to comic book reading may be better for some of you who are sick and tired of just your usual comic book violence. The story follows five young ladies who are attending a summer camp and get up to Scooby doo-esque adventures by solving mysteries and having fun. This cheerful, all-aged book is a great easy pick up. Featuring action packed fun & partly educational quest solving that are rare to see in comic books today.

It’s really good to see a great team best friends that take friendship to the max when confronted with bad situations. All the characters have diverse body shapes which is not something we see enough of in comic books. We are also confronted with freaky creature designs like the three eyes fox, which might not be suitable for the very young reader out there.  Plus each of these characters are for sure cosplayable!

The presentation alone is what makes Lumberjanes a wonderful read. The panels are large, filled with vibrant colours and have a bold sketchy style that lends to the theme and environment of where Lumberjanes takes place.  In summary the best way to describe it is Adventure time meets The Goonies. So remember if you’re an adult you will get a lot out of this too so don’t be put off! This comic is going to be a hit!



(by writer Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon)

If you are someone who is easily offended by something then this is not the book for you. This is a dark nitty gritty graphic novel that is beyond sinister. Those of you who have enjoyed the Preacher series can’t miss this comic series.

This is hilarious, violent and an over the top comic which is one of DCs more dissolute imprints for more mature audiences. We are following a character called Jesse who’s childhood was all kinds of messed up and who’s life has consisted of being stuck in a cult and then being possessed by the supernatural creature known as Genesis. This creature is an unauthorised and unwanted offspring of an angel and a demon that is so powerful that God himself left heaven after it was born! Driven by a strong sense of right and wrong, Jesse journeys across the United States, attempting to literally find God.

With such dark, perverted and deeply sinister characters we are faced with so much graphic violence, even the sickest of minds can’t read without feeling like projectile vomiting. With constant shock factors throughout to keep you interested some of the scenes in this comic book are even far too risky to be shown in the TV series. Despite this you’ll be sure to find a comic classic with almost endless expedition and an original story line. So if you’re looking for something truly Gruesome (and we mean gruesome with a capital G) then be sure to grab yourself a copy of the Preacher comic book series.



(by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples)

How can we do this book justice without spoilers? This Lord of the Rings meets Star Wars sci-fi graphic novel is every comic fans must-have (if you haven’t already). This awesome comic features bounty hunters, alien races, giant spiders, wizards, tree spaceships, tragedy, comedy and the best dialogue in comic history. This very much adult themed story explores relationships, in a similar fashion to the Romeo and Juliet story.

This saga is amaaaaaazzzinnnnggg, we’re plunged into a galaxy that is full of magic and monsters. The creativity is outstanding, with consistent action-packed sections we are constantly on the edge of our seats. Any fan of Vaghan’s other comic work knows how funny he can be, while simultaneously being able to grip and terrify his audience. We assure you that Saga will have you laughing out loud.

Beautifully drawn together by Fiona Staples, her work is lean, mesmeric and magical and we just drool whenever we see her stuff. It’s absolute perfection, especially for this story in particular. You could take out all of the text and still know what is exactly going on, thanks to the PERFECT expressions on the characters faces.

The Lying Cat knows that’s no lie…


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Written By BlueBanana