Stay Organised Every Day of the Year with Our 2018 Wall Calendars


The year of 2017 may have been an excellent adventure for you. Perhaps it’ll be a year to remember, or you might prefer to forget the whole thing ever happened. Either way, the year will soon be coming to an abrupt end. But the good news is that the unlimited potential of 2018 is about to begin. You could possibly spend the next year keeping upcoming events locked securely inside your brain. But for those without perfect recall, the best solution to keep organised is with 2018 Wall Calendars. With plenty of options in our store, you’ll be spoilt for choice with how you decorate your wall. With the best Rock bands, Movies or stylish artwork, we have something for everyone. There has never been a better time to get your own calendar for 2018.

Rock Around The Clock with 2018 Band Calendars

We know that a lot of you come to Blue Banana for the amazing Band Merch for big time bands and our calendars are no exception. We have a number of official rock band calendars available including the thrashing Metallica with 12 great photos of the band on tour. Another great option with a bit more nostalgia is the AC/DC 2018 Calendar. With all kinds of images including the iconic Highway to Hell cover, you’ll definitely enjoy working your way through this calendar. Or keep the worldwide phenomena of David Bowie alive with his 2018 Calendar which comes with English, German, Spanish and French months and days so everyone can enjoy.

Some of you may be looking for some 2018 Large Wall Calendars for your favourite bands and we won’t disappoint. If you want some giant pictures of Lemmy then the Motorhead unofficial calendar will look great. Or you can Rock & Roll forever with Jimi Hendrix and his unofficial calendar. For those who like something from the awesome 2000’s then mark your important plans with green days on the Green Day calendar. Don’t forget to make a note when September ends.

Enjoy the Awesome Images in a 2018 Movie Calendar

For those who are extremely excited to watch the Justice League movie after the amazing success of the Wonder Woman movie, then you can enjoy looking at the spectacular style of each superhero in the Justice League Calendar. Or if you’re more of a Marvel fan then you will enjoy the stunning design and imagery of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Calendar with a super colourful image of all of your favourite heroes including two Groot months, which we all know are the main reason to get this calendar. Another great option is the Official Star Wars 40 Year Anniversary calendar. Each month has one of your favourite characters from the original trilogy as well as a number of great pictures from moments in the movies.

Plan Your Adventures with a TV Show Wall Calendar

If you’re looking for a calendar with a whole bunch of references from your favourite TV show then we have a few pretty great options. Starting with two connected shows, the Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul calendars are an all out winner for those who spent countless hours binging on these two shows on Netflix. Otherwise, you might prefer to make your 2018 an adventure and keep it all planned with 2018 wall calendars. The Adventure Time Calendar is the perfect celebration of your favourite characters and episodes. With Bacon Pancakes, Lumpy Space Princess and Marceline the Vampire Queen, could you ask for more?

Embrace Your Inner Geek with Comic Book Calendars

Some people may try to put you down for enjoying the badass, terrifying and sometimes super hilarious worlds inside Comic Books. Those people are unaware of what Deadpool can do with two Katana. Get your Deadpool Calendar and enjoy all the best parts of your favourite Merc with a Mouth! If you love all things Marvel then check out the Official Marvel Comics 2018 Calendar. It has 12 retro drawn comic book characters including big names like Spiderman, Thor and everyone’s favourite, Captain America himself! We haven’t forgotten those who love DC though. The Dark Knight has his own calendar in the Official Batman comics Calendar perfect for those who prefer a darker artwork design.



Get Remarkable Artwork in a Gothic Calendar

At Blue Banana we never forget our routes and always work hard to provide the best Goth and Alternative items, whether its fashion or accessory. That is why we have a few Gothic 2018 wall calendars available. First, check out the amazing fantasy art in the Anne Stokes Calendar. With Dragons, Angels, Wolves and more, there is always a highly detailed picture to get lost in. Just as filled with fantasy gothic artwork is the Alchemy Gothic Calendar that anyone would be happy to look at. Or embrace the death and decay side of Goth with the Spiral Direct Calendar. With Skeletons, Panthers and even a Rabid Easter Bunny, there is a themed image for the special months ahead.

Wow! We got through a whole lot of our Wall Calendars. But there are still more that you should go look at now. Don’t forget to give us a like and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date on all things Blue Banana.

Written By BlueBanana