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Stargazer Hair Dye


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A highly popular makeup brand across the UK, Stargazer makeup has every single piece of makeup available you could ask for. Ranging from bleach and peroxide kits to body glitter, Stargazer will put the shine back into your life. Extremely long-lasting and enduring, our Stargazer cosmetics will remain untouched and stay looking fresh for the entire day, or night. For a fantastic, lively night out look no further than Blue Banana for your shimmering body glitter and vibrant body paint. What are you waiting for? Buy your Stargazer makeup here today and you won’t be disappointed!

Our Range Of Stargazer Hair Dye

Originally, Stargazer started its days as a single stall at the Great Gear Market located on Kings Road in London. The central hub of punk fashion and culture at the time, it’s due to this movement that the range of Stargazer hair dye offers such quirky, outrageous, and alternatively coloured products! Eventually expanding into department stores by 1980, Stargazer prides itself in producing the vast majority of their products ‘in-house’, ensuring the highest quality possible is delivered to their customers. Now a firm favourite worldwide, it’s time you checked out our extensive range of Stargazer semi permanent hair dye products available here at Blue Banana.

Whatever shade you’re after, make it a memorable one with Stargazer! With an extensive range of bold and diverse colours available, there surely is something for everyone. Offering more than just Blue, Orange or Purple hair dye, Stargazer prides itself on producing unusual and vibrant colours that are enough to satisfy even the most veteran of hair dyers!

  • Blue Hair Dye: If you’re a sucker for all things blue, then Stargazer blue hair dye has just the shade you need! Offering tones such as ‘Azure’, ‘Coral’, ‘Royal’ and even ‘UV Turquoise’ you can kiss goodbye to those one-shade wonders! It’s time to embrace your new style with the help of Stargazer!
  • Red Hair Dye: If you thought Red was just one shade, you couldn’t be any more wrong! From ‘Rouge Red’ to ‘Golden Flame’, it’s time you set fire to your looks and keep your style burning all day/night long with Stargazer! A welcomed change from your natural shade, going Red with Stargazer couldn’t be any easier!
  • Green Hair Dye: Gone are the days of being green with envy over, now you too can achieve that hairstyle you’ve always dreamt of achieving. With luxurious tones such as ‘Tropical’ and ‘Stargazer African Green’, your look needn’t ever be the same again!
  • Silver Hair Dye: One of the best hair colours to start trending in recent years is silver. With the use of Stargazer silver hair dye and a little bit of bleach and toner; it’s easy to say goodbye to your old uninspiring look and create a whole new you!

Ideal for all-natural hair shades, Stargazer offers its customers the perfect chance to explore their individual style with colour! From subtle and delicate pinks to show-stopping and statement worthy yellows, Stargazer is the perfect choice for those new to hair dye as well as those looking to broaden their dyeing horizons!

When it comes to using Stargazer hair products, as with any other brand of hair dye, we highly recommend that you maintain in keeping your hair in tip-top condition, in order to achieve the highest quality finish. Stargazer solutions are renowned for being both peroxide and ammonia-free, ensuring your hair is treated the best way possible! Here at Blue Banana, we understand how important hair care truly is, so we take great pride in providing our customers with products that are of the highest standard. Furthermore, ALL Stargazer products are free from animal testing making them a delight for vegans – what more could you ask for?

If you’re a little confused on what all that means, then let us explain:

  • Free From Animal Testing – All Stargazer hair dye products are certified as being free from animal cruelty. This ensures that they are tested and ethically produced.
  • Ammonia Free - Ammonia is a compound gas that is known to break through and damage both hair follicles and hair shafts. Despite lengthening the duration of a hair dye, it, unfortunately, can alter the quality of the dye, making it dry and often brittle. As Stargazer hair colour is manufactured without any ammonia, you can rest assured that your hair will remain looking as luscious as possible!
  • Peroxide Free – Hair dyes that contain this chemical compound can often be very damaging to your hair. Acting with a corrosive effect, this most often leaves hair weakened and feeling brittle. As Stargazer dye products are 100% peroxide-free, your hair is set to look gorgeous whatever the occasion!

Stargazer Makeup Collection

Born in 1978, Stargazer cosmetics started out on a stall in the Great Gear Market in the Kings Road in London, where punk fashion was the centre of attention. They focused mainly on the colours and the outrages that sculpted the company’s ideas behind the key ranges. With all of this knowledge in mind, Stargazer cosmetics wanted to reach a wider audience so in the 1980’s they stretched out to department stores. So if it’s Stargazer eyeshadow or Stargazer nail polish you want, you’ll find it right here in this section!

Blue Banana and Stargazer

Boasting a whopping single application coverage that’s sure to last up to 6 weeks there’s no stopping your style with Stargazer! With a range of Stargazer hair chalk to soothe those last-minute re-vamps and a broad selection of UV hair gels for those well-anticipated all-nighters, you’ll never want to go back to au naturel after you’ve dabbled with Stargazer.

Here at Blue Banana, we’ve got exactly what you need. With the help of the vast selection of Stargazer hair dye range, we’re able to cater to all your ‘dyeing’ needs! With lightening kits to help you on your way to coloured exploration, now is the time to rock your look in style with Stargazers extensive collection of wild, radiant, and stimulating tones!