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Spiral is a backpack and accessory brand that aim to provide everyone with the most bright and colourful bags you have ever seen. This is one of the main reasons why at Blue Banana, we stock a lot of different spiral bags! Since their establishment in 2013, they have become known all around the world for being not only unique and different but providing a great quality service and backpacks that practically anyone would love. Their aim is to bring a little bit of colour into people’s life by having a backpack that isn’t just plain and boring. The simple lifestyle has never suited the Spiral gang and that is exactly why we love their brand so much at Blue Banana. Much like ourselves, their brand is about being alternative and whilst it isn’t for everyone, there are a surprising number of people who love the backpacks and accessories they create. 

With retailers in over 20 countries worldwide, over the last few years, Spiral has become one of the biggest names in alternative fashion, and you may be surprised how often you see one of their designs without even knowing that they produced it. All of their alternative backpacks and bags are of very high quality and resonate with people from all different walks of life. That’s why we love stocking their products. Whilst their first range may have only consisted of 10 backpacks, it is now a lot bigger and even better than before. 

Spiral Backpacks: Our Range

Every backpack and bum bag is unique in its own way, we have colourful rucksacks all your work colleagues and friends will be jealous of. Since we have such a range of different colours, styles and even materials, you will be stuck for choice when it comes to purchasing your new bag. Perhaps you’re a monochrome gal, or a guy who loves emoji’s, there is literally something for everyone. No matter what your style or how you like to wear your backpacks, we have something you will love at Blue Banana.

Our range consists of various colours, so if bright pink or dark blue isn’t the typical colours you opt for when buying a new bag, then you can always try a doughnut-themed one or maybe even a multicoloured backpack. The bum bag range we stock is perfect for the festival season with so many different patterns and designs to choose from. We love sequins and glitter so if you do too and want to make sure your festival season is full of joy, then a Spiral bum bag is a way to go. 

Try choosing a sequined mermaid style bum bag or even get yourself a chrome styled rave backpack. It really doesn’t matter what your style is, there is something you will love. You won’t be disappointed with the amazing quality of Spiral products as they are some of the best around. We only stock the best, and biggest brands which we can promise will make a lasting impression and Spiral is one of them. 

Most backpacks we stock in the Spiral range will hold an A4 file and books so don’t worry about space being an issue. The only thing you need to worry about, when buying a Spiral backpack from us at Blue Banana, is how good you’re going to look in your new backpack. Spiral bags are some of the best in the world and nothing beats their soft but sturdy material. They’re the biggest backpack brand we house on our website and in store!

The Colourful Rucksack Trend 

Trends are a huge part of our lives in this decade and having something that is trendy yet cute and unique is always an important element of our style. Whilst we love being alternative and different at Blue Banana we also love being different whilst also following some simple trends. The colourful rucksack trend has been around for many decades but has only recently had some spotlight and we’re loving it. Spiral are all about being bright and standing out from the crowd which is why so many of their backpacks are super fun and crazy.

Why not try something different this season and get yourself a stunning backpack from Spiral? We stock so many different backpack styles you’ll be impressed by the choice. You may want to opt for a crystal jewels style or perhaps cute animals like llamas and unicorns are more your style? The trend of colourful backpacks is never-ending, and we love everything about it. 

Our Favourite Spiral Bags 

We’ve chosen 3 of our favourite Spiral bags that we stock here at Blue Banana. We’re going to put them down below, so you can choose the one you love the most too. There are still so many other styles and designs on our website so don’t worry if there’s not anything you like. 

Animal Emoji collection – perfect for anyone who dreams of having their very own unicorn one day, or even someone who loves backpacks that are a little out there!
OG range – whether it’s a galaxy backpack or something a little more unique like the New York skyline. The OG collection is a range you have to look at if you like something unique. 
Glitz and Glam collection – we love glitter, sequins and even sparkly scales. If you do too then the glitz and glam collection from Spiral is going to excite you! There are so many different colours and designs that all your friends will want one too. 

That’s it!We love every single Spiral bag for all different reasons. We know you will fall in love with the one you purchase.