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Paintglow Fright Fest Peel Off Pumpkin Juice (12ml)
Paintglow Fright Fest Peel Off Pumpkin Juice (12ml)
Why settle for ordinary cosmetics when you can choose from our awesome range of Paintglow hair dye and cosmetics?! All of the vibrant Paintglow products glow in the dark so you can guarantee that you will attract attention on a night out.

These bright cosmetics are ideal for festivals, gigs, parties and events such as NYE and Halloween. There’s a wide range of colours available so you can create an outrageous look featuring all the colours of the rainbow! 

For a hassle free way to jazz up your look for the night, try these temporary glow-in-the-dark products guaranteed to add a vibrant edge to your style. 

Get Creative With This Collection Of Alternative Cosmetics

Here at Blue Banana we love bright colours and eccentric looks so we’re really excited about our Paintglow hair dye and cosmetics collection. These attention grabbing products will make you the envy of all your friends. Everyone will want to borrow the products to decorate their hair, nails, face and body, so make sure you pack your Paintglow cosmetics in your festival rucksack!

These gorgeous glow-in-the-dark products are a wicked addition to fancy dress and great for adding an alternative flair to any outfit on a night out. You can experiment with as many styles and colours as you want and with so many products available, you can choose which features you want to accentuate. 

Instantly transform your style with our extensive range of Paintglow products which includes:
  • Paintglow Hair Dye for a rebellious effect
  • Paintglow UV Lipsticks to create a party pout
  • Painglow UV Mascaras to liven up your lashes
  • Painglow UV Paint Liner which can be used on your lips and eyes
  • Paintglow UV Nail Polish to decorate your digits
  • Paintglow UV Face & Body Paint to add a splash of colour to any outfit
  • Paintglow UV Hair Chalk & Paintglow UV Hair Streaks for wild tresses
So whether you want shimmering UV face and body paint to make you stand out from the crowd or gorgeous glow-in-the-dark hair, you’ll be sure to find some awesome products to get creative with in this amazing cosmetics range. 

Affordable and Reliable Cosmetics

These vivid UV paint products will complete your Halloween costume or NYE outfit and will liven up your look on a night out. You could create shocking eyelashes, crazy hair or simply shower your face and body with colour! Because all of the products are fluorescent, you can be certain that you will stand out from the crowd, even in a dark environment at a gig or a rave!

All of the UV paint products are cosmetically certified and their innovative neon paint formulas keep them ahead of the game in the UV cosmetics world. You can be sure that all of the Paintglow UV cosmetics are non-toxic, gentle on the skin and have minimal risk of staining, so you can create a gorgeous glowing look without the worry!

These fun, fluorescent products are easy to use and they’re all temporary so you can create a dazzling look and then easily wash it off. Best of all, these man-made products are affordable so you don’t have to break the bank to achieve a rad new alternative look. 

So what are you waiting for? These amazing Paintglow UV cosmetics make great gifts for friends or you can simply treat your own make-up bag to some fresh new products.  

Create an eye-catching party look with our range of Paintglow UV cosmetics, the essential item for all rockers and ravers!