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Headshot Semi-Permanent Hair Dye 150ml (Banzai Blue)
Headshot Semi-Permanent Hair Dye 150ml (Banzai Blue)
The Headshot Hair Dye collection is now at Blue Banana! This ‘Dye, Bastard Dye!’ range of Headshot haarfarbe is from Germany and is a leading brand in alternative hair dyes due to the vibrant colour shades.

Here are a few facts worth knowing when you are deciding which hair dye brands to try. Headshot is:
  • Made in Europe
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Not Tested On Animals
All the colours in the Headshot hair colour collection have awesome names to match the exciting shades. You can choose from vibrant tones in colours such as blue, green, pink, purple, orange and more.

With so many colours available, it’s lucky that you don’t have to stick to just one! Headshot products can be mixed together in order to create your own Headshot hair dye colour chart.

How To Use Headshot Hair Colour

Like any semi-permanent hair dye, Headshot is easy to apply at home but there are a few tips that will help you to get the best results.

Firstly, if you are looking to achieve a vibrant and intense new hair colour then it is best to bleach your hair before you add colour. Make sure to leave your hair to rest in between bleaching and colouring for a few days in order to allow the hair to recover.

We also recommend using shampoos and conditioners that are designed to prepare your hair for being dyed. After you have completed the hair colouring process, make sure to use hair products that are suited to coloured hair. This will help you get even more out of your new look and prevent it from fading as quickly.

When you are ready to apply your Headshot hair dye colours, make sure to only use old clothing and towels in case of staining. Have everything you need at hand so you can efficiently dye your hair and minimise the mess. Dampen your hair then towel off any excess water after waiting for 10 minutes. 

To begin dyeing your hair, simply coat your strands of hair in dye, starting about a quarter of an inch from the scalp. If you are planning on creating a multicoloured look or a dip dye then make sure to section off your hair before you begin. As you can see it is easy to achieve great styles at home!

Headshot hair dye benefits from applying heat during the dyeing process so be sure to consider this if you are looking for super bright and intense colour results. You can use methods such as blow drying, wearing a plastic cap, or sitting under a heat lamp. Leave the coated hair for about half an hour so that your hair can absorb plenty of colour.

As we mentioned, hair dye can cause staining when it comes into contact with fabrics. This is also true of skin. The oldest hair dyeing trick in the book is to line your forehead and any other areas close to the hairline with Vaseline or baby oil to prevent staining.

Please note the Headshot collection is not suitable for eyebrows or eyelashes.

Headshot Hair Dye Colour

Another aspect of hair dyeing that can make is easy or difficult is the container that the product is in. While you may need a hair dye bowl to pour your Headshot hair dye into, their handy bottle design has plenty of benefits.

Each hair dye comes in a screw top bottle meaning you can easily save some for later. Once opened the hair dye lasts for 12 months. Saving extra to touch up your roots is an easy way to help your colour remain looking fresh for longer.

Whether you want to go for full coverage or try out a different colour pattern such as a funky dip dye, this bottle of hair dye is easy to apply and tends to last for a few weeks so if you are always looking ahead to your next colour or want a hairstyle that will only last for the summer then this is a brand worth trying. There are plenty of Headshot hair dye ideas you could try to get a unique and alternative look that suits your style.