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Dr Martens Shoes

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Dr Martens 1461 Pride Shoes (White)
Dr Martens 1461 Pride Shoes (White)
Dr Martens Holly Quad Platform Shoes (Black)
Dr Martens Holly Quad Platform Shoes (Black)
Are you searching for a smart shoe that can be worn both for work and home? Check out our range of Dr Martens Shoes and you are sure to feel inspired to try out a new style. Pair with your favourite weekend outfit or wear with your smart work or school uniform. From lace-ups to buckles, these shoes are sure to have universal appeal.

You have all searched the Dr Martens boots sale for a new pair of classic style boots but have you ever considered trying a pair of the Dr Martens shoes? They feature the same classic Doc style such as yellow stitching and the comfortable air cushioned soles but come just below the ankle. This smart design makes them more suitable for work or special occasions.

One other bonus of choosing a Dr Martens shoe as opposed to a boot is that it will be lighter and cooler, perfect for wearing during warmer months. If you purchase a pair of Dr Martens womens shoes you could pair them with a pair of cute white socks for a kawaii vibe.

Dr Martens Shoes Price

When you purchase a pair of Docs you can be sure they will be worth the money due to their durable and long-lasting qualities. If you would like a shoe that you can wear for years to come then this is the brand for you. You can always shop Dr Martens shoes clearance if you are looking to save the pennies.

One of the best features of a Dr Martens shoe is the high quality of the sole. The sole is oil and fat resistant because Dr Martens were originally designed as shoes for the workplace. The supportive sole is designed to be comfortable yet hardwearing. Some designs feature the classic brown sole but if you are searching for a shoe that is completely black then these are also available in the shoes range. If your school or workplace has a particular shoe policy, you are sure to be able to find the design that stays within the rules but also looks awesome.

We have a range of unisex styles which can be worn as both Dr Martens shoes mens and womens so you will have plenty of options. If you are looking for something on the cheaper end of the scale then be sure to check out the trainer and Lite styles. These are perfect for those who aren’t sure about whether they will regularly wear Docs.

When you buy a pair of shoes in the Doc Martens sale you can be sure that you have invested in a pair of shoes that will last you for quite some time. Wear your new shoes around town or during the work day. If you are constantly on your feet then these are the perfect option. Be aware you may need to break in the shoes before you wear them for long periods of time. The real leather and vegan leather will mould to fit you and will soften with time, giving you the most comfortable pair of shoes you have ever owned.

You don’t just need to look in the Dr Martens clearance to find the best price. At Blue Banana we always aim to give you the best value for your money!

Dr Martens Shoes Sale Options

One of the most popular designs is the Dr Martens 3 eyelet mens shoes because they have the look of a classic workplace shoe or brogue and are easy to slip on and off. The smart lace-up style is sure to look great with a suit as well as a more casual outfit. This design is available in a huge range of colours from Gunmetal Charcoal to Cherry Red to Patent Black.

Once your heart has settled on a pair of shoes, you can forget all about Dr Martens womens boots. If you are searching for a more feminine twist but still want to stick with the Dr Martens brand be sure to check out the Mariel Mary Jane Shoes. The smart patent shoes feature interchangeable bows so you can style them to suit your outfit and mood. This model is flying off the shelves so be sure to purchase yours before it is too late.

Mary Jane style shoes are proving to be a super popular style and are sure to look awesome paired with your favourite outfit. The T bar and buckle design is cute and breathable. You can strut around as if you are on the catwalk while having delightfully cool feet. This twist on a classic work shoe is sure to prove popular in the workplace and at school. When it comes to the weekend you may feel inspired to try out some new outfits with your new shoes. Coming in both patent and smooth designs, you can decide if you want to have some shine to your toes or prefer a more matte style. If you are searching for Dr Martens shoes black to wear with absolutely everything then this could be the only pair of shoes you need!

Did you know, aside from Doc Martens boots sale, they also make trainers! These lighter shoes have the look of a classic summer canvas shoe but are made from leather, meaning they will be more waterproof than the canvas equivalent. These light shoes are perfect for keeping your feet feeling cool and fresh.

Make Blue Banana your one-stop-shop for Dr Martens shoes UK and you are sure to find the best prices and designs on the market. Whether you already have a pair of Dr Martens or are looking to kick-off a new collection, you are sure to find an awesome new pair of shoes to suit your unique sense of style.