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Nemesis Now Little Monster Embossed Purse (18.5cm)
Nemesis Now Little Monster Embossed Purse (18.5cm)
Nemesis Now Little Monster Skull Figurine (20.6cm)
Nemesis Now Little Monster Skull Figurine (20.6cm)
Official DC Joker Villains T-Shirt (Black)
Official DC Joker Villains T-Shirt (Black)
No matter whether you’re a Superman or Batman fan, you’re sure to find our DC Comics gifts range is here to save the day for your last minute gifting crisis. Our awesome collection of DC Comics clothing is sure to suit any fan of the comic books, TV series, or movies. From lovers of the most popular characters including Batman and Superman to those of you who enjoy your more obscure comic book heroes such as The Flash or Green Arrow. For T shirts, hoodies and hats from your favourite DC Comic characters, there really is nowhere better to go for your DC Comics merchandise than Blue Banana.

It doesn’t matter what type of DC Comics clothing or gifts you’re looking for; here at Blue Banana, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got an awesome range of Batman T shirts, Superman merchandise and accessories such as hats, wallets and belts from your favourite comic book characters.

If you have always fantasised about working alongside Clark Kent at the Daily Planet or pounding the streets of Gotham with Bruce Wayne, you need to get yourself some of these official DC Comic gifts and merchandise so you have the look to match.

Gifts For DC Comic Fans

1. Batman

Our selection of Batman merchandise and T shirts celebrate everything to do with the Dark Knight. In the decades where he has protected Gotham city, Batman has arguably become one of the most iconic superheroes of all time.

With several hit movies, this comic book hero collection has never been more in demand. We stock Batman merchandise with a range of designs and all officially licensed by DC Comics which makes them awesome gifts for DC comics lovers.

Love our Batman merchandise and T shirts? We have a whole host of other superhero stuff for you to get your hands on. From mugs to caps, we’re always getting more Batman and DC related products in so that you can bring a DC Universe gift into your everyday life. 

2. Harley Quinn

Our Harley Quinn clothing looks fierce in any situation and makes a great collector’s items too. Embrace your geeky side with our range of T shirts, sweaters and accessories which honour this super-villain. Grab one of our official Harley Quinn T shirts or rock quirky Harley Quinn trousers which are sure to attract envious glances.

There really is nowhere better to purchase popular DC gifts and clothing for Harley Quinn merchandise so why not give your wardrobe and accessory collection a makeover with a dark twist? Head over to our DC merchandise range and show your support for everyone’s favourite female super-villain, it would be a crime not to!

3. Suicide Squad

If you want to be a part of the team of legendary misfits, get your hands on some of our Suicide Squad Merch. Do you love comic book fashion but think the average superhero is a total goodie two shoes? The Suicide Squad characters are the perfect antidote to boring cape-wearers!

If you're a comic book fan or shopping for someone who is, a great way to incorporate some Suicide Squad merch into everyday outfits is with an awesome backpack or accessory. When it comes to DC Comics gifts for adults then why not fill in the gaps of your friends Harley Quinn or Joker collection. Our cheap tees and alt accessories are sure to help you find something that they will love and won’t already have.

Superman DC Comics Merchandise

4. Superman

Superman has been world famous for decades and his appeal hasn’t diminished over the years. Standing for truth and justice, you can get Superman merchandise from the golden era of comics or for the films and TV series.

Whether you’re into vintage icons, geeky gifts or movie merchandise, these tops have an instantly recognisable design that will make great DC Comics gifts for him. Superman T shirts have been around for years and now you can get a whole range of them in a selection of styles. So whether you’re looking for a simple logo T shirt or a vintage tee that shows off other elements of the comic book universe then check out our T shirts and Superman merchandise.

5. Wonder Woman

She’s perhaps one of the best known female superheroes and a worthy rival to her male counterparts. Any fans of this Amazonian princess will feel proud to own some Wonder Woman merchandise of their own and they are sure to make awesome DC gifts too.

If you’re fortunate enough to be taking part in comic con or other conventions, then you won’t want to go without flying the flag of your favourite heroine with some official Wonder Woman merchandise. With the highlight of the past few years being comic book film adaptations, there’s no better time to show off some of your favourite comic book gear you've collected.

Not only will Wonder Woman merchandise be perfect for any of her fans to own, but it also makes the perfect gift to people of all ages. After all, who wouldn’t want to celebrate this Superhero warrior? 

6. The Flash

The Flash is one of the most iconic DC Comics superheroes alongside Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman and is known for his red and yellow suit with a lightning bolt emblem. Otherwise known as the Scarlet Speedster or Crimson Comet, The Flash’s powers include superhuman speed and reflexes. He’s also a member of the Justice League of America. 

Fans of The Flash, no matter if they’ve enjoyed his comics or the TV series, have come to the right place for official DC Comics merchandise dedicated to the legendary superhero. With clothing, accessories and gifts up for grabs, lovers of his will be able to show their appreciation with pride!

7. Green Lantern

If you’re in need of some new DC Comics goodies, then you’ll love our selection of Green Lantern merchandise that makes the perfect gifts for DC fans. We have plenty for the avid fan to choose from to help you expand your collection of comic book clothing and accessories.

If you know someone who is particularly fond of this superhero, then getting them some Green Lantern merchandise is a sure way to guarantee cool DC Comics gifts. We may have plenty of Green Lantern merchandise for you to pick from, but when it comes to fan favourites, nothing appeals more than some official T shirts.

Whilst we have all your Green Lantern merchandise covered, we have plenty more superhero memorabilia to get your geeky hearts pounding. Justice League fans will love our huge selection of DC Comic gifts and merchandise that include the iconic Superman and Batman or you can take a walk on the wild side with Harley Quinn and The Joker’s Suicide Squad merch. Whatever your style and favourite character, Blue Banana is here to ensure you have the best collection of DC Comics merch around.