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Anne Stokes


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Gothic artist Anne Stokes is one of the most in demand designers in the industry, with her unique and distinctive artwork being seen on products from numerous brands. Most famous for her intricate and lifelike drawings of gothic women, the Anne Stokes collection also features detailed paintings of skulls and mythical beasts. Viewed together, her work presents a rounded picture of fantasy and the gothic world and much of it can be found in our Anne Stokes shop.

Offering boxes, mugs and apparel with Anne Stokes' defining style, you can support her art work in many different ways thanks to our gothic shop!

Fine Gothic Art From Anne Stokes

Over the past twelve years working as a full time artist, Anne Stokes has developed a reputation for beautiful pictures and paintings with a gothic edge.  Her collection has expanded over these years, comprising of her own prints and posters, as well as images for other companies. Anne Stokes’ art has been commissioned by some of the biggest names in the alternative clothing industry, from Spiral Direct to Nemesis Now. The fact that she has been so in demand highlights that she has become a big name in the industry and we’re sure that the reputation of Anne Stokes is only going to grow.

Authentic Anne Stokes Collection And Shop

What’s great about Anne Stokes is that she is an artist that is immersed in and passionate about her work.  Every image in the Anne Stokes collection has been carefully crafted to provide a unique design that is sure to appeal to the imagination, as well as your fashion sense.  In our online shop you’ll find a selection of her finest work from the likes of Nemesis Now and Spiral Direct, allowing you to express your style through fine art.  There is something about the work of Anne Stokes that appeals to the soul, and we can’t get enough of it.