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Alchemy Gothic Triple Goddess Wrist Watch
Alchemy Gothic Triple Goddess Wrist Watch

Is your current jewellery collection not quite matching your Gothic style? If you are looking for accessories to match your Gothic, fantasy, steampunk, or witchy fashion then an Alchemy Gothic bracelet or watch is the perfect place to start.

Alchemy Gothic jewellery is a long-established brand that creates jewellery with the help of artists who produce the most stunning fantasy Gothic designs. Much of the jewellery is cast from pewter but with a hand-crafted finish so you know you will be receiving jewellery that has been made with care.

Gothic bracelets UK come in a variety of styles so make sure to browse the full Alchemy Gothic collection to find bracelets to suit your lifestyle and fashion. Some of the bracelets feature large designs to cover more of the wrist such as the Alchemy Gothic Tightlace Bangle which is definitely an epic statement piece. Whereas others are created in a classic wristband style, such as the Alchemy Gothic Principia Alchemystica Bracelet which features a waxed cord fastening and small pewter accessory.

As you will see, many of the bracelets have an adjustable feature so there’s no need to worry about getting the right size but if you do want to check sizes on non-adjustable jewellery such as the Sophia Serpent Bracelet then click into the product to see further details.

Gothic bracelets womens are available in a range of dainty styles that include features such as black roses, Swarovski Crystal hearts, and ribbon elements. Whether you want to dress up or are looking for a statement piece for daily wear, a Gothic bracelet is sure to become an absolute outfit staple.

The Gothic bracelet designs include all the classic features of Gothic jewellery such as roses, skulls, pentagrams, and crescent moons. These are available in a range of subtle colours such as silver, bronze, and black.  Some of the designs include Swarovski Crystal elements for extra colour and a gorgeous finish. For example, the deep red gems of the Alchemy Passion bracelet provide a stunning contrast with the silver finish of this design.

A skull bracelet is one of the most popular styles of Gothic jewellery which means that, naturally, Alchemy Gothic have got it covered. But when you buy a skeleton bracelet by Alchemy Gothic you won’t just be getting your average design. As always, Alchemy Gothic make sure that you are getting an unusual design that you will love to show off. With designs such as the Alchemy Gothic Skull & Briar Rose Bracelet, you can enjoy a gorgeous combination of skulls and roses in a beautiful ribbon-tied bracelet.

Alchemy Gothic has found the perfect balance between creating exquisite bracelets that you will love to wear while also ensuring the cost isn’t extortionate. The durable pewter material ensures that this jewellery will stay looking fresh, unlike cheap Gothic jewellery, so your favourite bracelet or watch will be ready to wear time and time again.

Alchemy Gothic Watches

The Alchemy Gothic watches are the perfect accessory for fans of steampunk but thanks to the varied designs there is plenty to tempt those who prefer Gothic designs. These incredibly detailed watches feature a working clock face surrounded by an intricate design.

When choosing a Gothic wrist watch, there are plenty of options. Whether you prefer a dainty feminine aesthetic or love a larger statement piece, Alchemy Gothic is the perfect brand for providing you with the ultimate Goth watch.

Alchemy Gothic watches include designs with a leather or metal wristband so you are sure to find a design that is both comfortable and gorgeous. After all, practicality is important which is why Alchemy Gothic has used the best materials paired with magnificent designs. The designs of these Steampunk watches make them look like they have been delicately ageing over centuries so you get the illusion of antiquity with the workings of a brand new watch.

For Steampunk watches UK, there is a multitude of designs on offer but some simply look like modified digital watches. In contrast,  Alchemy Gothic have channelled the spirit of Steampunk to create a Steampunk watch that looks like it is powered by a complicated array of wires and steam energy when in fact it is powered by batteries. This clever illusion helps you to enjoy the imagined inventions of a bygone era to fit in with your Victoriana style. The intricate detailing, down to the watch strap and timepiece face are all carefully designed to give no hint of the modern age so you can fully immerse yourself in Steampunk.

As you can see Alchemy Gothic jewellery doesn’t just cater to fans of Gothic styles but covers a wide array of sub-cultures including Steampunk. These detailed designs are intended to help transport you into a fantasy of Victoriana, Vampires, or Elves. After all, there’s nothing more pleasing than finding jewellery that totally ties in with your outfit.

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