Suitable For New Piercings
Suitable For New Piercings
This type of piercing jewellery can be used in new piercings but make sure to wait until the time recommended by your piercer before attempting to change your jewellery!
Corrosion Resistant Piercing Material
Corrosion Resistant Piercing Material
This piercing material doesn't readily react with oxygen or body fluids so your jewellery will stay looking bright and fresh for longer as well as healthy for your piercing.
Durable Piercing Material
Durable Piercing Material
Durability in piercing jewellery allows it to be suitable for long-term wear in your piercing. The high strength-to-density ratio helps protect your jewellery against losing its shape and becoming damaged.
Hypoallergenic & Biocompatible Piercing Material
Hypoallergenic & Biocompatible Piercing Material
A biocompatible material is more naturally and readily accepted by your body. The hypoallergenic properties are suitable for those with skin sensitivities.


SKU 27288
Available Sizes
Brand Blue Banana Piercing
Range BCR
Colour Gold
Bar Colour Gold
Jewellery Material Plasma Gold
Jewellery Diameter / Length 10mm, 14mm, 8mm
Jewellery Gauge 1.6mm/14g
Pack Size Sold Individually
Suitable For Anti Tragus, Auricle, Canine Bites, Conch, Cyber Bites, Daith, Ear Lobe, Eyebrow, Female Genital Piercing, Forward Helix, Frowny, Helix, Male Genital Piercing, Navel, Nipple, Nostril, Orbital, Prince Albert, Rook, Septum, Shark Bites, Smiley, Snake Bites, Snug, Spider Bites, Spiral, Tragus, Web
Please Note This item is not eligible for a return due to hygiene


Looking for some versatile, yet eye catching new jewellery? Then take a look at the Blue Banana Plasma Gold 1.6mm BCR, the ultimate in individual design. 

Suitable for wearing in a variety of piercings, ball closure rings are super secure and durable, making them a great choice for anyone who regularly puts their jewellery through the wringer! This glistening gold BCR is made from implant grade and naturally biocompatible PVD coated titanium, making it a perfect option for anyone who's experienced allergies to other types of jewellery. 

Available in a variety of diameters, the Blue Banana Plasma Gold 1.6mm BCR is a must have item for any piercing fan!


Piercing Ball Closure Ring (BCR) Size Guide

Here are the key measurements you'll need to know for Ball Closure Rings (BCRs):

  • Gauge - the thickness of the ring, can be measured in (g) or (mm). For ease, we use (mm).
  • Diameter - the internal diameter; measured from the inner edges of the ring.

When choosing a size (e.g. 1.2 x 4mm), the first number refers to gauge and the second refers to diameter.

If you have a new piercing, we recommend a BCR with a larger internal diameter, to allow room for potential swelling.

Once the piercing has fully healed you could look at choosing a BCR with a smaller diameter.

Please check the size that you require for your piercing and ensure that you add the size that you need to your cart. This cannot be changed after checkout.

See more about piercing jewellery sizes and converting gauge measurements in our dedicated guides.