A Hair Transformation

Are you tired of your current look? Do you want to jazz up your hairdo with a splash of colour? Well, Blue Banana has you covered! We have all the tools and products for you to achieve some amazing hair creations. Experiment with your hair and try a bold and bright colour, or if you’re feeling brave why not take a leaf from Ellie’s book and try a two-tone split hair dye style. You can be as adventurous or as subtle as you like with your hair – that’s the fun of it! However you want to express yourself, we’re here to help you feel the most you! That’s why we stock plenty of brands for you to pick from, including Headshot, Splat, La Riche and so many more.

About Our Brands: Manic Panic & Crazy Color

Two of our most popular brands, Manic Panic and Crazy Color, come in a range of amazing colours. It’s easy to see why they’re so well liked!

Manic Panic is a pioneer of colourful hair dyes. With a range of subtle, delicate shades to the boldest and brightest around, there’s a colour for everyone. Manic Panic are also vegan and cruelty free so rest assured that your hair dye doesn’t harm any animals – their slogan is “tested on celebrities, not animals”! Manic Panic is also PPD free meaning there are no harsh chemicals to irritate your skin (but still remember to conduct your patch test!).

Ellie has used Manic Panic’s Hot Hot Pink from their Amplified range to create the bright pink side of her hair colour. This colour brilliantly suits Ellie’s cheerful personality and we just love it! Manic Panic’s Amplified range is made to last 30%  longer than average dyes so you can get the most out of your colour. Enjoy 6-8 weeks of vivid hair!

Ellie started out with a gorgeous tone of grey as her base, meaning it was light enough to use the Amplified Hot Hot Pink without pre-lightening. However, if you’re looking to recreate this look and have dark hair, you may want to pre-lighten your hair to give yourself a similar vibrant shade.

Ellie has enhanced her already grey toned hair with Crazy Color Silver Dye. This beautifully delicate shade makes for the perfect balance between her bright pink colour and the subtle grey tone. Crazy Colour is a great choice for a change of hair style. Crazy Color is also PPD free and vegan and cruelty free also, so you can enjoy a colourful head of hair without the guilt or worry!

Both these brands have been created with care and expertise and it shows. Both Manic Panic and Crazy Colour have brilliant conditioning formulas with no ammonia which makes for a great hair dye experience and no dry ends afterwards.

Applying Hair Dye: Creating the Split Effect

When you’ve chosen the colour you want, it’s time to start applying. Always remember to start with a patch and strand test to assess your suitability to the dye and to make sure it’s the desired shade. Safety is key!

Ellie is a master of all things hair dye! That’s why we’ve teamed up to provide you with the ultimate guide to creating the split hair dye look! Ellie has a whole bag of tips, tricks and useful advice to help you achieve a split dye style.

Check out how she creates this stunning look on her YouTube channel:

Ellie’s Helpful Tips

  • Leave some hair dye behind so you can add some colour to your shampoo or conditioner during your washes. This means you can keep your hair looking vibrant for longer.
  • Don’t forget your hair dye towel so you don’t get dye on yourself or your clothing and to prevent stains.
  • Sectioning the hair is very important when applying the dye as you want it to be even. When doing a split hair dye look, make sure to get the dye as close as possible to the parting line to get that dramatic visual split effect.
  • If using Manic Panic, you can leave the colour on for quite a while before washing it out as the conditioning formula is really beneficial to the hair. Manic Panic has no harsh chemicals so you don’t have to stress about washing it off quickly – especially when using two colours for split hair dye.
  • Colour bleeding isn’t always a bad thing! If the colour transfers into the other when washing, it isn’t the end of the world. In Ellie’s case, it has created some lovely pastel pink shades on her grey side, tying the whole look together.

Ellie is a familiar face to our regular Blue Banana Blog readers. Her hair dye expertise makes her an excellent affiliate! If you’re ever looking for tips and advice for dying your hair, the head over to Ellie’s YouTube channel for all her useful videos! You can also find her on Instagram @ninkcompoop.

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