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9 products found.
Hype Harry Potter Weasley's Wizard Backpack (Yellow)
Hype Sale
Hype Harry Potter Weasley's Wizard Backpack (Yellow)
Hype Harry Potter Spells Backpack (Blue/Red)
Hype Sale
Hype Harry Potter Spells Backpack (Blue/Red)
Hype Harry Potter Knight Bus Backpack (Purple)
Hype Sale
Hype Harry Potter Knight Bus Backpack (Purple)
Hype Harry Potter Cloud Flying Car Lunchbox (Blue)
Hype Sale
Hype Harry Potter Cloud Flying Car Lunchbox (Blue)
Hype Harry Potter Weasley's Wizard Lunchbox (Yellow)
Hype Sale
Hype Harry Potter Weasley's Wizard Lunchbox (Yellow)
Hype Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Backpack (Blue)
Hype Sale
Hype Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Backpack (Blue)
Hype Harry Potter Gryffindor Backpack (Black/Red)
Hype Sale
Hype Harry Potter Gryffindor Backpack (Black/Red)
Hype Harry Potter Backpack (Black/Gold)
Hype Sale
Hype Harry Potter Backpack (Black/Gold)
Hype Harry Potter Flying Car  Backpack (Blue)
Hype Sale
Hype Harry Potter Flying Car Backpack (Blue)

If your daily fashion routine is alternative, loud and full of colour a Hype backpack will be right at home as an extension to your everyday vibe. In case you didn’t know it, Hype bags are one of the best and biggest brands if you’re looking for some vibrant and off the wall designs to compliment your alternative ways.

The Best Hype Backpacks

Not only are Hype school bags a great way to break away from the norms of plain and simple colours, they’re also a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a hard wearing and practical everyday bag. When it comes to choosing a Hype backpack you’re probably left thinking that the majority of their thoughts go into create a quirky designs rather than a durable bag; but you’d be wrong. The Hype backpacks styles are a combination of creative designs and iconic features that will serve you well in any setting. Whether you’re carrying your books to school, a laptop to work or just some home belongings on your way out for the day, Hype colourful backpacks have the durability to work with your every lifestyle.

If you’re slightly aware of the Hype brand and are thinking that they may be slightly too intense for your everyday use, you would be wrong. Depending on your individual preference, we stock a vast variety of Hype bag designs. From Pastel Fade, to speckle and even metallic holographic, these cool backpacks are available in colourful or cool designs to fit you. Just some of the unique styles available from Blue Banana are:

  • Badge – The Hype badge backpack range features the iconic Hype backpack design in a single colour pigment. Whether you’re into vibrant pinks, pastel shades or classic colours this styles is perfect if you’re looking for the original Hype backpack.
  • Speckle – The Hype speckle backpack range features a similar finish of the badge backpack range but with a speckle splatter finish. Available in a variety of colours and shades.
  • Drips – The Hype drips backpack collection features a dual contrasting colour pigment separated by a paint drips pattern. This backpack can be found in classic colours as well as the iconic holographic finish.
  • Pastel Fade – Also available in more vibrant colour shades, the Hype Pastel Fade Backpack range shows pastel shades in a variety of faded colour combinations.
  • Holographic – Undoubtedly the most flamboyant of all of the Hype range, the Hype Holographic backpack range features the classic hype bag features but with a purely metallic/reflective finish. Available in a variety of colours and shades.
  • Collaborations – If you love collaboration events, keep up to date with our Hype range. As well as SpongeBob, we’ve also had Hype Disney backpacks for Toy Story, The Lion King, Star Wars & More. These backpacks are only limited so get yours as they drop.

In case you didn’t know, the Hype backpack range changes with every season, meaning if you see a must have style; be sure to pick it up while you can. Specific colour combos and shades may only be around for a limited time as Hype loves to stay fresh with their range. Luckily though, if you shop at Blue Banana you’ll get your pick of the styles right after they launch.

The Iconic Hype Backpacks & School Bags

As mentioned previously Hype backpacks really are a highlight. Their outlandish designs go hand in hand with boldest of fashion looks, meaning for alternative styles you’ll always have something to choose from. Despite these colourful bags and rucksacks being insanely popular due to their iconic and stand-out designs; what brings people back to the brand is its iconic design and features which make it durable for school, work and play. Read our reasons why to choose a Hype backpack below:

  • Padded Straps & Back panel – Designed for comfort.
  • 18L Storage Capacity – Designed to carry up to A4 notebooks. The perfect school rucksack.
  • Multiple Storage Compartments – Stay Organised with two separate zip compartments.

Let’s be honest, if you’re in need of backpack you normally have to choose function over fashion; but not anymore! The reason for our love of Hype is because of these crazy designs that continue to impress after each season, as well as their functional design which sees them being used as a daily bag of choice.

The most important feature of a Just Hype backpack is clearly the storage space. The iconic design of the Hype classic backpack range features a modern design that boasts a large 18L carrying capacity. This means that anyone using this as their daily school backpack or university bag will be able to carry their books, stationary and even laptops with ease. This desired design feature alongside a padded back panel and straps makes long journeys a breeze due to the added comfort and support from Hype!

Are you ready to find your perfect Hype backpack? Head over to our Hype backpack section and find your ultimate colour combinations! If you are looking for fashion over function then we’ve still got you covered with our Hype Mini Backpacks; a vibrant and colourful alternative for a standard handbag.

Limited Edition Hype Backpacks

Now you know the basics of choosing a just Hype rucksack let us let you in on a secret. As we mentioned above Hype often collaborate with some of the biggest names and brands to bring you quirky and sought after rucksack designs. If you’re someone who loves to accessorise and show off your love for various pop culture characters and fan favourite franchises you’re sure to love these super limited releases. At Blue Banana we always get a choice of some of the newest and upcoming Limited Edition Hype backpacks, so be sure to head check back to the Hype website regularly or follow us on social media.

If you’ve got nothing but hype for Hype bags, be sure to keep a close eye on the Blue Banana alternative store.