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Hype Water Bottles

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Hype Fade Water Bottle (Black/Pink)
Hype Fade Water Bottle (Black/Pink)
Hype Splat Water Bottle (Black/Pink)
Hype Splat Water Bottle (Black/Pink)
Hype is best known for creating backpacks but their range covers all kinds of items that will help you with your back to school shopping. The range of Hype water bottles features the same designs as the backpacks so you can either match up all your items or try out a range of styles. 

Hype is just the epitome of cool, especially among teens, so we have made sure to stock popular designs including the classic Hype camo water bottle, leopard print, speckle, and fade patterns. These classic styles will see you through many years of school, right through to college and university. The Hype water bottle would also be perfect for a day at work or travelling. While we stock timeless classics such as speckle fade, we also stock some of Hype’s funkiest designs so look out for adorable butterfly prints and galaxy designs.

Paired with the vibrant designs, you will find Hype branding on these reusable metal water bottles with the Hype crest printed on each drink flask.

The Hype water bottle holds 500ml of liquid, perfect for heading to school, work, or off on a daytrip. The size of the bottle is designed to fit in the mesh side pocket of a Hype lunch box so you can easily carry everything you need for a packed lunch.

The airtight screw lid will ensure that you have no annoying leaks from your Hype bottle so you can carry it inside your backpack without worrying. This screw lid is a key part of the system that allows a Hype drinks bottle to keep your drink hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. Perfect for those hot summer days for keeping your drink ice cold even when it is warm outside. No need to worry about sipping on warm water, instead you can enjoy a refreshing drink when you need it most! This temperature control system also means you can take your favourite hot cuppa with you when you are on the go. Whether you are planning ahead for a busy day at work or heading out for a long hike, you can have something warm and delicious to help boost your energy during the day. The stainless steel construction has vacuum insulation to keep your drink at temperature plus this will help your bottle to stay condensation free, keeping your bottle dry on the outside.

The Hype stainless steel water bottle is built to last meaning it is fully reusable. This helps you do your bit for the environment by reducing your use of plastic and single-use bottles and cups. The BPA free material will keep your drinks fresh time and time again. Hype has chosen stainless steel material to ensure that your drink keeps its flavour without the bottle material tinting the taste of your drink, as certain materials are susceptible to.

Your water bottle Hype is easy to care for. Make sure to scrub your bottle regularly with hot water and washing up liquid to keep it clean and ready to use.

You will find a range of Hype water bottle UK at Blue Banana so you can shop with quick delivery, even if you have left your back to school shopping until the last minute! Make sure to also stop by our other Hype ranges, including:
While the Hype brand is definitely worth the price, if you are looking for savings and discounts, you will find some of our styles in a Hype water bottle sale

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