Hype Pencil Cases


Hype Pencil Cases


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A Hype pencil case is a back to school essential but is sure to also come in handy for college, university and organising your home stationery and craft supplies. Hype pencil cases feature a large zipped compartment to carry all your pens and pencils as well as a carry handle on one end. These box pencil cases are made with a branded zip pull and rubber Hype crest to the side. 

There are so many styles to choose from when it comes to your Just Hype pencil case. You may want to complete your back to school haul with a matching set of supplies including a Hype backpack, lunch box, and water bottle. There are plenty of funky unique designs to choose from as well as Hype classics such as speckle, fade, and holographic. Here is an example of the type of pencil case you could choose from:
  • Hype Camo Pencil Case: The classic camouflage pencil case design is available from Hype in a range of colours so you can choose your favourite.
  • Hype Pool Fade Pencil Case: The Hype fade pencil case is a classic design that you can now find with additional features in styles such as the pool fade colours.
  • Hype Black Pencil Case: The black pencil case is a timeless classic but with Hype, you can enjoy added Hype branding to the zip and a Hype rubber crest to the side. If your school has strict rules, then a Black Hype pencil case may help you ensure you are sticking to school guidelines while still enjoying your favourite Hype brand.
  • Hype Galaxy Pencil Case: For out-of-this-world designs, make sure to check out the galaxy and space range by Hype for cool galactic colour themes and starry universes. 
  • Hype Pastel Abstract Pencil Case: This squiggle pencil case is just one example of the crazy styles you can get from the Hype range of pencil cases.
Keep your eye out for limited edition designs and pop culture collaborations such as Disney crossovers!

Hype pencil cases are designed to be durable so your pencil case can withstand the wear and tear caused throughout the school day. 

A Hype pencil case doesn’t just have to be for back to school. These storage pouches can be used as makeup and travel bags to carry all kinds of items. The vibrant designs are sure to make a fun gift or stocking stuffer.

If you are trying to keep to a budget with your back to school shopping then make sure to check out our Hype pencil case sale items for a discount price on select styles.

With so many Hype pencil cases to choose from, why not store your entire art and stationery collection in a variety of Hype pencil cases so you don’t have to choose between your favourite designs! Head back to school in style or start out your next project fully organised with your Hype pencil case.