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Gold Tragus Stud

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Blue Banana Leaves 9 ct Gold 1.2 x 6mm Tragus Stud (Gold)
Blue Banana Leaves 9 ct Gold 1.2 x 6mm Tragus Stud (Gold)

A gold tragus stud is a straight bar with a ball to one end and decoration to the other. These short piercing bars are usually made specifically for tragus ear piercings which are placed through the small nub of cartilage that covers the ear canal.

If you love dainty piercing jewellery then this is the piercing for you. The tragus piercing often features as part of a curated ear as it creates balance with piercings that are placed around the outer rim of the ear. For example, the symmetry of a tragus piercing and an auricle or orbital piercing is a great look. Other popular combinations include a tragus and forward helix piercing or a tragus and rook piercing to continue the visual line of piercings. A classic combination is a tragus piercing, ear lobes (single or multiple) and helix piercing. Our range of gold tragus earrings is perfect for showcasing your ear cartilage piercing whether you have multiple piercings or only a tragus piercing.

The gold tragus jewellery is available in a range of styles so you can choose a piece that will match your existing piercing jewellery. Gold jewellery is a classic and timeless aesthetic which gives countless possibilities for style. It can be paired with other colours or worn on its own. 

There are a few types of real gold tragus earrings to choose from that are available at different price points. The deciding factor may be whether you are getting a new piercing and want to wear gold from the start or whether you are changing the jewellery of an existing established piercing. Here are the different types of gold that are suitable for piercings:

  • 9ct Gold Tragus Earrings: 9ct gold features real gold combined with metal alloys. It gives the look of solid pure gold but is stronger. Check with your piercer if this material is suitable for you. With so many designs of 9ct gold tragus jewellery available, this is a great way to enjoy the aesthetic of pure gold at a lower price.
  • 14k Gold Tragus Earrings: 14k gold is suitable for fresh piercings due to the mix of pure gold and metal alloys. This allows the tragus bar to be more durable. The harder surface prevents small scratches from forming and trapping bacteria. 14k gold is often alloyed with nickel so make sure to check with your piercer if you know you have any metal sensitivities. 
  • 18k Gold Tragus Earrings: 18k is the purest form of gold that can be used for piercings. It is best saved for healed piercings due to the soft surface. This may cause miniscule scratches to form that can collect bacteria. Once your piercing has healed it is completely safe to wear 18k gold tragus jewellery. This luxurious material is a special gift.
  • White Gold Tragus Stud: White gold jewellery features a shining white finish compared to traditional yellow gold. This is achieved due to the metal alloys that are combined with the gold which also strengthens the jewellery. White gold was originally made as a cheaper alternative to platinum. It can be used in healed piercings as long as you don’t have a nickel allergy. The stunning aesthetic is perfect for highlighting your tragus piercing.

The gold tragus studs range is so versatile that the pieces can be paired with many different looks. Here’s some fashion inspiration for your tragus studs but remember the only real limit on style is your imagination!

  • Boho Tragus Stud Ideas: The Gold Leaves Tragus Stud and Gold Feather Tragus Stud is perfect for creating that nature-inspired dreamy aesthetic. The simple designs are cast in gold for a beautiful colour that looks amazing with a range of skin tones.
  • Quirky Tragus Stud Ideas: If you love eclectic styles and cute quirky outfits, the Gold Cactus Tragus Stud is a sure win. The adorable little cactus is made entirely from gold with a smooth finish.
  • Alternative Tragus Stud Ideas: Love your fashion to have an alternative edge? The Gold Lightning Bolt Tragus Stud is sure to hit the spot with your alt outfits.
  • Classic Tragus Stud Ideas: For a look that is always in style, opt for one of the cubic zirconia tragus studs that feature arrangements such as flowers and ovals. 

Our most popular range of 9ct gold tragus stud jewellery includes pieces with cubic zirconia gems and solid gold designs. This is just a taster of the styles you could try in your tragus piercing. Whether you are pairing your gold tragus earrings with other types of piercing jewellery to create a curated ear constellation or are keeping it simple with a stunning standalone tragus stud, gold jewellery can seamlessly fit in with other colours and styles.

While solid gold tragus jewellery is more expensive than other materials such as surgical steel and titanium, having a few special pieces of jewellery in your collection in classic designs that never go out of fashion will elevate the look of your tragus and highlight your ear piercings. This gorgeous piercing jewellery is a special gift or a treat to yourself that can easily be worn every day with minimal tarnishing or can be saved for special occasions. Tragus earrings are easy to change yourself so you can switch up your look whenever you please.