Gold Labret

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6mm (4)
8mm (4)

Gold Labret

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Blue Banana Cubic Zirconia Oval Marquise Gem 9 ct Gold 1.2 x 6mm/8mm Labret (Gold)
Blue Banana Cubic Zirconia Oval Marquise Gem 9 ct Gold 1.2 x 6mm/8mm Labret (Gold)
Blue Banana Hammered Heart 9 ct Gold 1.2 x 6mm/8mm Labret (Gold)
Blue Banana Hammered Heart 9 ct Gold 1.2 x 6mm/8mm Labret (Gold)
Blue Banana Crescent Moon 9 ct Gold 1.2 x 6mm/8mm Labret (Gold)
Blue Banana Crescent Moon 9 ct Gold 1.2 x 6mm/8mm Labret (Gold)
Blue Banana Lotus Petals 9 ct Gold 1.2 x 6mm/8mm Labret (Gold)
Blue Banana Lotus Petals 9 ct Gold 1.2 x 6mm/8mm Labret (Gold)

Customise your piercing with a gold labret from our premium piercing jewellery range. Our gold labret collection includes yellow gold labrets in a range of karats as well as white gold to suit your chosen aesthetic. This special piercing jewellery is perfect as a gift to a loved one or a treat to yourself. The meaningful moment of wearing your first piece of gold jewellery should be shared so showcase your new gold labret stud for a special occasion. Of course, wearing your gold jewellery every day is a great choice too as this material is durable and does not easily tarnish. The classic look of gold jewellery means it can be paired with so many different styles and the dainty designs available in our collection are perfect for allowing your ear or facial piercings to get noticed.

These solid gold labrets are available in several types:

  • 14k Gold Labret: 14k gold is suitable for new piercings as it has a durable surface that is not likely to become tarnished or scratched during wear. 14 karat gold labret studs usually contain a small amount of metal alloys such as nickel. While many people can comfortably wear this jewellery, make sure to consult your piercer if you have any known metal sensitivities.
  • 9ct Gold Labret Stud: 9ct gold can be worn by most people but is alloyed with other metals. If you know you are sensitive to nickel then discuss this option with your piercer. This dazzling piercing jewellery gives the same look as pure gold but is usually less expensive and more durable.
  • 18k Gold Labret Stud: 18k gold is the purest form of gold that is suitable for wearing in piercings. Gold that is purer than 18k is too soft to be worn in piercings. This is because any minute surface scratches become pockets for debris and bacteria. 18k gold has fewer metal alloys as it is 18 parts gold so this could be the best option if you want to wear gold but have metal sensitivities. 18k gold is only suitable to wear in healed piercings. Discuss 18k gold jewellery with your piercer once your piercing has healed.
  • White Gold Labret: Included in our range of gold jewellery is a collection of white gold studs. White gold was created to mimic the look of platinum in order to give people a cheaper option with the same aesthetic. High quality white gold looks just as stunning but it is worth considering your own needs as it is alloyed with other metals. If you have any metal sensitivities make sure to check if this type of material is suitable for you. 

Where can you wear a gold labret stud?

Gold labret studs are used in many types of ear and lip piercings. This universal design is suitable for a range of straight piercings and is comfortable to wear due to the flat back of the bar. The ear is one of the most prominent places, visually for piercings so adorning your piercings with special pieces of jewellery will complete your look and become part of your whole aesthetic.

The most popular piercing for wearing a solid gold labret is in ear piercings. The rising trend for curated ear piercings and dainty close-together constellations lends itself perfectly to gold flat back studs. Labrets are the best type of stud jewellery for many of your ear cartilage piercings. The list of ear piercing types that can support a labret stud gold include:

  • Auricle
  • Conch
  • Ear Lobe
  • Forward Helix
  • Helix
  • Orbital
  • Pinna
  • Scapha
  • Spiral
  • Tragus

For piercings such as ear lobes, you may want to purchase two gold labret studs in order to make a matching pair.

Labrets are usually chosen as starter jewellery for lip piercings. The flat backs are comfortable in the mouth and the simple design is easy to wear. Your piercer may recommend starting with a longer bar to allow for swelling after you have been pierced but once your lip piercing is starting to heal and the swelling has reduced you will be able to choose a shorter bar.

To wear a solid gold labret in your lip piercing you will need one of the following piercings:

  • Angel Bites
  • Ashley
  • Canine Bites
  • Cyber Bites
  • Dahlia Bites
  • Dolphin Bites
  • Madonna
  • Medusa
  • Monroe
  • Shark Bites
  • Snake Bites
  • Spider Bites

Wearing a ball or gem labret is the most common choice for a lip piercing as some of the larger designs such as leaves and flowers may be uncomfortable in lip piercings. There are plenty of cute gold labrets to choose from that meet the criteria for a lip piercing.

Single crystal labret studs are particularly popular in madonna and monroe piercings. The placement slightly above the lip means that the gold labret jewellery is less likely to catch and get in the way. 

Cheek piercings are another type of facial piercing that suits a gold labret bar. However, like lip piercings, you may find it best to use easy-to-clean small jewellery such as balls and single crystals. Choosing a matching pair of gold jewellery compliments so many skin tones and enhances the look of this dimple piercing.

The third type of facial piercing that can support a labret stud is nose piercing. Piercing the nostril with a gold labret nose stud is a great way to ensure that your piercing jewellery stays secure. Unlike a nose stud, the labret has a flat back and screw on ball so that your jewellery will stay in place. Your anatomy will determine what size of labret you can wear. You may be able to try other small designs such as hearts and crescent moons for a witchy boho look.

In this range of 9 ct, 18k, and 14kt gold threaded stud jewellery, the bars are externally threaded so you can mix and match your piercing add-on using the same bar as long as the gauge matches. If you prefer threadless jewellery, you will find a range of gold threadless tops available at Blue Banana.

Whether you see a gold labret as a statement piece to be saved for special occasions or love to try out classic timeless styles as part of your everyday aesthetic, the varied range of designs available in our gold jewellery collection will allow you to find something that truly represents your style. From gold jewellery set with cubic zirconia crystals to adorable shapes such as moons and hearts, you can mix and match the designs to create the perfect piercing jewellery collection.