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We’re beyond excited to have official Ghost merchandise as part of our Blue Banana band merch range. This eclectic gang of satanic popes and Nameless Ghouls have been setting the hard rock scene ablaze with catchy rock anthems littered with doom-ridden dark metal vibes. Ghost is renowned for their look with masks, costumes and an intriguing amount of anonymity. Whilst you might not want to be dressed in the full Ghost stage costume garb, we think you’ll certainly want to be picking up an official Ghost band t shirt to add to your wardrobe for upcoming gigs, festivals and rituals.

It’s certainly fair to say that Ghost love a bit of theatrical. Alongside their stage costumes and antics, this band has worked hard to create an entire historical background surrounding the band with plot lines, dramas and comedy to boot. They have completed many tours across America and Europe so you’ll certainly want to get your hands on some Ghost band tour t shirts. Everything from their album artwork to their tour visuals is enough to make an impressive print that will stand out on any regular tee or hoodie.

Have a browse of our Ghost band t shirts and you’re sure to find your next favourite band tee. Get on the square and get on the level with our quality range of officially licensed Ghost merchandise. All of our cotton tees are bound to fit the bill in terms of style, comfort and longevity. These tees are sure to survive any mosh pit or festival adventure.

A Guide to our Official Ghost Merch

When it comes to Ghost, it’s key to know their timeline and where all their figureheads come into play. As the lead singer mantle is passed down the bloodlines (it’s definitely not just a costume change), the band seemingly unlocks new avenues and directions in which they can take their music. Here’s a quick overview of the Ghost heritage so far and how you can pay tribute to each heretical leader through your choice of official Ghost merch.

  • • Papa Emeritus I: the original leader of the Ghost band helped to bring about the founding album. An Opus Eponymous t shirt is certainly the one for the original Ghost BC fans who were there since tracks such as Ritual, Elizabeth and Satan Prayer first came onto the scene.
  • • Papa Emeritus II: the preceding lead singer led the band to the album Infestissumam unlocking favourites such as Year Zero and common concert-ender Monstrance Clock. This era saw the introduction of the Sisters of Sin who would give communion during live shows.
  • • Papa Emeritus III: this powerful lead singer helped Ghost to their iconic tracks Cirice and Square Hammer which really helped the band reach further into more mainstream rock and metal. Grab a Meliora t shirt to hail to this popular album and all of the great tracks within.
  • • Cardinal Copia: a break in the bloodline and a series of video releases saw Cardinal Copia rise to the top of the ranks. Bringing about the album Prequelle; a Cardinal Copia t shirt is a perfect tee to celebrate songs such as Dance Macabre, Rats, Faith & Kiss the Go-Goat.

As well as the fearsome Ghost leaders, you’ll find plenty of other Ghost BC t shirts littered with other characters such as the Nameless Ghouls, Papa Zero and Sister Imperator. These familiar characters are always included in fun and quirky designs which all pay tribute to Ghost’s truly alternative aesthetic. You’ll find that Ghost often recruit and promote the work of independent artists in their Ghost album merch to help truly capture the theatrical grandeur that Ghost bring to their music and their act. Dress to impress and get ready to rock with our latest Ghost additions.

There are plenty of ways that you can work a Ghost t shirt band into your alternative wardrobe attire. If, like us, you aren’t averse to wearing band merch 24/7, then these tees are a perfect option. Not only can you maintain the classic black band tee look, but you can introduce some of the more exciting and vibrant Ghost prints into your look. As Ghost is ever-growing in popularity, your merch is sure to be noticed by a huge array of Ghost merch band fans. Don’t pass up on the opportunity to upgrade your merch all the way up from the pit to the pinnacle!

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