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Blue Banana Men's Sailor Costume (Blue/White)
Blue Banana Men's Sailor Costume (Blue/White)
Blue Banana Men's Cowboy Costume (Multicoloured)
Blue Banana Men's Cowboy Costume (Multicoloured)
Blue Banana Bloody Nurse Costume (Green)
Blue Banana Bloody Nurse Costume (Green)
Blue Banana Male Mime Costume
Blue Banana Male Mime Costume
Blue Banana Women's Mime Costume (Black/White)
Blue Banana Women's Mime Costume (Black/White)

Sometimes you just want to make an impression with your outfit, especially at an alternative fancy dress party or for Halloween and that’s where our cool-looking alternative fancy dress costumes come in. Whether you’re looking for a bloody doctor, zombie or classic skeleton outfit, here at Blue Banana we’ve got your Halloween and SFX costumes covered.

A variety of different designs are available for your Halloween and dress-up party needs within our fancy dress costumes collection. With doctor outfits, witch costumes, skeleton designs, and even vampire fashion, there’s a different outfit for every occasion, so you don’t have to wait until October to feed your fancy dress craving.

The colours aren’t just limited to black and blood-red either, with orange, purple and yellow a big feature of these cool fancy dress costumes here at Blue Banana. With the stunningly cool different styles and designs available, you’d be crazy to look for fancy dress outfits anywhere else. At Blue Banana, you can build the entire look from costume to makeup to accessories to props. With no worries about the quality of these fancy dress costumes, you’ll be able to wear them again and again at even the liveliest parties. No matter what type of costume you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.

Cool Fancy Dress Costumes With Alternative Designs, Including:

  • Witches
  • Skeletons
  • Vampires
  • Zombies

Costume Wigs

If you’re looking for a great accessory to finish off your fancy dress costume, our selection of Costume Wigs is exactly what you need! Whether you’re after a blonde wig or a red wig, we have so many different styles and colours of wigs for sale that there’s bound to be one to pair with your costume perfectly.

There are plenty of occasions throughout the year to get dressed up, with the obvious one being Halloween, so if you’re throwing a hugely scary Halloween party this year, make sure you complete your fancy dress with an awesome accessory from our costume wigs range.

Party wigs are an inexpensive and effective way to take your fancy dress costumes to the next level and with our cheap wigs you can create a great finish without breaking the bank. We have a great variety of Halloween wigs including black wigs to pair with a creepy witchcostume or vampire ensemble; so if scary is your style, don’t let your horror outfit down by forgetting to stock up on accessories.

It’s not just Halloween that calls for costume wigs; New Year’s Eve is the time of year when spirits are high and everyone’s looking for an excuse to play around with fancy dress. Why not try out a pink wig or even a green wig to bring a vibrant splash of colour to your costume.

Stick with us for a fuss-free, cheapand easy way to take you from fancy dress zero to costume hero!

Inflatable Props

Are you looking for a cool accessory to take to a festival with you? Or a funny finishing touch for your latest Halloween costume? Whatever the occasion our range of costume inflatables is the place to look! With everything from blow up aliens to inflatable guitars, we have a great selection of costume props to add to your costume accessories collection.

Festivalsare a great place to let your hair down and have some fun. With a bright green inflatable alien tied to the top of your flag pole, you can be sure you’ll never lose your tent again, so save yourself the hassle of tripping through the campsite searching for your spot and accessorise it with some stand-out inflatables.

If festivals aren’t your bag, our inflatable props are a great go-to for any costume party or Cosplay convention. Imagine how much more convincing your Rockstar look would be with an inflatable guitar accessory. Or spend the evening as a caveman with a giant inflatable club.

Have you got a mate’s birthday coming up? If you know someone with a great sense of humour, make their next birthday a funny one with these costume inflatables.

Halloween costumes always look best when you pair them with the right fancy dress accessories and we think that our costume inflatables are a fun and inventive way to make your costume stand out from the crowds. So if you’ve been racking your brain all year trying to think of Halloween costume ideas, let the accessories do the talking by browsing our blow up props today.

As always, when you shop with us you benefit from our speedy next day delivery options, so if you have left your festival trip or party planning to the last minute, get ordering today and you can make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun.

Costume Masks

Hunting for a reliable fancy dress accessory to finish off your outfit? Our costume masks section contains everything from masquerade masks & carnival masks to Halloween masks & party masks, so whatever the occasion we’ve got the perfect persona for you.

Masquerade balls are making a comeback in recent years and with such a huge variety of masquerade masks available, each one more beautifully intricate than the last; it’s not hard to see why! Our masquerade mask collection takes its inspiration from traditional designs, using colourful patterns, fabric trims, and glittering patterns to create standout eye masks for your party wardrobe.

If you want even more drama than a masquerade mask, our Venetian masks are show-stopping accessories that look great with any evening dress to bring some mysterious glamour to your ensemble. These eye masks come complete with statement filigree detailing that extends all the way to the forehead, providing more coverage and a very fancy mysterious look. Our Venetian masks are available in a variety of colours from pinkto white, so whatever shade your dress may be, there’s a mask to match.

If you’ve come to us looking for a spooky Halloween mask, we’ve got you covered. Our costume masks range is the place to find the ultimate scary addition for your mask party, so look no further. Whether you’re looking for a creepy Scream inspired mask or a freaky clown style, we have an option for almost any trick-or-treater. Our costume masks not only come in a wide range of designs, colours, and styles but also in different materials; so you’re not limited to latex masks. You can even step up to a cut-out metal mask.

If you’re a firm believer of the ‘less-is-more’ theory when it comes to your fancy dress costume, you’ll be pleased to hear that our costume masks range also stocks some subtle options like plain blackhighwayman or domino masks.

Our carnival masks boast some eye-catching filigree patterns and are made from delicate black metal, giving your look an elegant, lace finish which looks great for any ball or party. If you’ve been searching for a way to look sophisticated, without sacrificing on joining in the party spirit, the addition of one of these pretty and stylish carnival masks is the perfect compromise.

Why not take a Steampunk approach to your costume this year? Our costume masks section also features some seriously cool neo-futurist inspired masks which include gas masks and respirators. These unique Steampunk masks feature bronze and gold effects to create the illusion of authentic, metal masks and come complete with metal cog detailing and replica respirator vents. We offer full-face options with eye holes for the extremists out there, or just mouthpieces, all of which come with comfortable elastic straps to ensure you can scare all night long in comfort! If Steampunk is your style, make sure you browse our full range of gas masks for an accessory that’ll be right at home in your Cosplay or Halloween accessories box.

Take a peek at our costume masks range and find the perfect partner for your favourite creepy costume or Cosplay. Whichever mask you choose, we’re sure you’ll have all eyes on you at the next event.

With such an extensive selection of fancy dress accessories right here at Blue Banana, there really is no limit to the impression you can make at your next party.