SKU 140982
Brand Blue Banana
Colour Brown
Material Composition Tea Tree Oil


This handy piercing aftercare kit provides the basic tools that you will need to keep your piercing clean and free from nasty bacteria. When cleaning and caring for your piercing, always make sure to wash your hands before touching the piercing jewellery, or the area around it. Here's how you can use these tools to get the best kind of piercing aftercare
Using Salt: You can add a pinch salt provided to water (ideally pre-boiled) to create saline solution. When applied to the pierced area (with a cotton bud) the saltwater will help to clean the piercing and keep it free from germs. Once you have applied, you should gently dry the area, being careful not to knock the piercing or cause any unnecessary discomfort. We recommend doing this twice a day, so why not work it into your daily piercing cleaning routine? If you have an oral piercing, you can swirl the water around your mouth (in a similar fashion to mouthwash) in order to clean any oral piercings. 

Using Tea Tree Oil: Tea Tree Oil is simple to apply, all you need to do is (with clean hands) is put a small amount on your finger and gently apply to the piercing area. As well as helping to clear up minor discomforts or infections, tea tree oil can be a great way to reduce the swelling on any unexpected lumps and bumps that may arise from a new piercing. The almond oil included ensures that the Tea Tree is suited for all skin types and is gentle to sensitive skin.

For even more details on how to clean and care for your Blue Banana piercing, please consult our online guide

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