SKU 265
Brand Blue Banana
Piercing Type Angel Bites, Auricle, Conch, Daith, Eyebrow, Female Genital, Helix, Industrial, Labret, Lobe, Male Genital, Medusa, Microdermal Anchor, Monroe, Navel, Nipple, Nostril, Orbital, Pinna, Rook, Scaffold, Septum, Snake Bites, Snug, Spider Bites, Staple, Stretched Ear, Tongue, Tragus
Colour Brown
Material Composition Tea Tree Oil


Pro Pierce tea tree and almond oil is the ideal choice for using on healing piercing. A naturally occurring anti-bacterial agent, Tea Tree oil doesn’t have any strong chemicals and this 10ml bottle has already been diluted with almond oil so that it’s safe to use on all skin types. You can either apply this oil directly to the pierced area or (in the case of oral piercings) add a few drops to a regular glass of water to gargle before spitting.

Tea tree oil can react with sensitive skin, if you notice any kind of reaction then cease use immediately. Do not ingest this piercing aftercare, do not use during pregnancy and keep away from children and pets.

Look After Your Piercing And Get This Pro Pierce Tea Tree And Almond Oil Now!

You can either use this tea tree oil daily on a new piercing or only use in cases of minor infections and bumps. Pro pierce tea tree and almond oil has been used to great effect during piercing aftercare where bumps start to develop, simply apply it twice a day to the area and see if the bump recedes, A great choice for piercings, get your tea tree oil for a great, cheap price.

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