Real Gold Jewellery
Real Gold Jewellery
This special range of jewellery is entirely made from gold. Our range includes 14k and 18k gold which is the purest karat gold that is suitable for use in piercing jewellery.
Corrosion Resistant Piercing Material
Corrosion Resistant Piercing Material
This piercing material doesn't readily react with oxygen or body fluids so your jewellery will stay looking bright and fresh for longer as well as healthy for your piercing.
Hypoallergenic & Biocompatible Piercing Material
Hypoallergenic & Biocompatible Piercing Material
A biocompatible material is more naturally and readily accepted by your body. The hypoallergenic properties are suitable for those with skin sensitivities.
Suitable For New Piercings
Suitable For New Piercings
This type of piercing jewellery can be used in new piercings but make sure to wait until the time recommended by your piercer before attempting to change your jewellery!


SKU 150449
Brand Blue Banana Piercing
Range Tragus Stud
Colour Gold
Bar Colour Gold
Jewellery Material 9ct Gold
Jewellery Diameter / Length 6mm
Jewellery Gauge 1.2mm/16g
Pack Size Sold Individually
Suitable For Anti Tragus, Tragus
Please Note This item is not eligible for a return due to hygiene


Piercing Tragus Size Guide

Tragus Stud Piercing Jewellery:

  • Length - the length spans from one end of the bar to the other without including the ball.

If you have a new piercing, we recommend a longer tragus stud to allow room for potential swelling.

Once the piercing has fully healed you could look at choosing a tragus stud with a shorter length.

Please check the size that you require for your piercing and ensure that you add the size that you need to your cart. This cannot be changed after checkout.

See more about piercing jewellery sizes and converting gauge measurements in our dedicated size guides.


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