Punk Sub-Culture & Style

Pioneered in the 70’s, Punk was the ultimate middle finger to society and all its ideals. Leather-clad, tartan prints and metal studs, it truly was an iconic time for fashion. To be punk was to be non-conforming and anti-authoritarian and was perfectly mirrored in the fashion choices.

Whilst Punk may have begun decades ago, it still lives on in today’s youth and our latest affiliate Erin is a shining example of the modern Punk era. With some gothic undertones and strong makeup choices, Erin’s style is totally unique – and we love it!

Erin is 18 years old and has recently ventured into modelling! We asked Erin to introduce herself:

"I started after I did a photoshoot with Ellie (@killv.maimx) for her university work and I loved the photos so thought I’d have a go at modelling. I really want to do more fashion shoots in different alternative styles and maybe some fantasy kind of shoots.

"My style has been developing for the past few years really. I started off by liking punk and goth music, especially the Damned and even then I loved how goths dress and liked people who were very extreme with the way they looked. Since then I've slowly gained the confidence to look that way myself but it started off with wearing a bit of eyeliner and some band t shirts then progressed as I got better at makeup and could afford some of the clothes I wanted.

"Asides from modelling I’m really interested in animals. I’m a vegan who’s aspiring to be a vet one day and I have a greyhound called Darwin (named after Darwin Watterson from The Amazing World of Gumball). I also paint animals and used to do pet portrait commissions but now I just paint in my spare time. I currently volunteer at a food bank and the RSPCA and I like to walk my dog, watch cartoons and sometimes cook. "

Create A Punk Wardrobe

If you’re looking to create your own Punk look then there are a few essentials that you will need.

Spikes & Studs

No punk outfit is complete without a studded or spiked jacket or top. Erin is showcasing our Spiked Corset Top paired with a leather jacket. She has also opted for a fishnet top to wear under the corset.


Another facet of punk culture is the presence of leather – from trousers to jackets to boots. Erin has paired her look with her oversized leather jacket and flared PVC leather trousers. She’s also added badges to her jacket. Badges are notorious in punk fashion. Add your favourite bands to your jacket using badges or even patches. Badges are also a great way to share your beliefs and ideals such as Erin’s vegan badges.


It’s so easy to accessorise a punk outfit! Studded belts, ripped tights and safety pins are your friend. Grab a pair of holed tights, a chunky studded belt and some chunky chain jewellery and you’re halfway to becoming a punk rocker. Check out our accessories range to add some punk flare to your look.

Chunky Military-Style Boots

You can’t forget about your footwear when building a punk outfit. Vintage punks were often seen wearing chunky combat boots such a Dr Martens but Erin has taken a more gothic approach and opted for some chunky black platform boots. To recreate her look, why not choose our New Rock Platform Boots or keep it classic with some 1460 Dr Martens.


You’ll be hard pressed to find a punk individual that doesn’t have piercings! Piercings are extremely common in this subculture, from lip piercings to nose and eyebrow piercings. Erin not only has stretched ears but also has two nose piercings, a septum and angel bites. Check out our range of Vertical Labrets, Curved Barbells and Stretchers to recreate Erin’s look.

Tartan Check

Tartan clothing is a staple of any punk wardrobe. Whether it’s tartan trousers, skirt or jacket, tartan prints are everywhere in the subculture. Red and yellow check prints are the most common style seen in punk fashion but you can mix things up and give our look a modern edge. Check out our tartan section here.

Hair Dye

Erin’s fabulous Mohawk is hard to miss! She’s created a colourful rainbow effect with hair dye to make her punk Mohawk truly stand out. If you’re looking to recreate Erin’s rainbow Mohawk then take a look at all our colourful hair dyes in our hair dye section.

Whatever style you choose, we want to see it! Don't forget to tag us on our Instagram, Facebook or TikTok for a chance to feature on our pages!

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