How To Put In Contact Lenses

How To Put In Contact Lenses

Cosmetic contact lenses are a really cool way to give yourself a unique new look, changing your eyes’ appearance to colours and looks you could only dream of. However, contact lenses must be used carefully and safely, and putting them on can be difficult. Without help or experience, you could seriously harm your eyes. But don’t fear, because we have this handy guide so that you can put in those fabulous green or zombie-looking contact lenses without poking yourself in the eye!

So read on to find out how to put in contact lenses safely and correctly and get that eye-catching look that will impress your friends.

Step 1: Prepare Your Lenses

Before using your coloured contact lenses it's important to prepare them. This step can be considered the most important as you'll need to thoroughly clean your lenses before usage. Although your lenses will always arrive within sealed and sterile containers, it is important to soak your lenses in specially formulated contact lens solution for a few hours prior to wear. We recommend soaking your lenses for a minimum of two hours to help thoroughly disinfect, clean, lubricate and neutralise the PH of the lenses.

This will make the lenses more comfortable and softer to wear before your first use. Failing to do this may lead to discomfort and less durability from your contact lenses.  Before you should even contemplate putting in your contact lenses, you have to make sure they’re clean and fit for use. Wash your hands first and check that the lenses are within their use-by date. Clean them using contact lens solution, making sure they’re thoroughly disinfected and look out for any noticeable damage to each lens. If they’re damaged or dirty, do not use them under any circumstances!

Step 2: Place The Lenses On Your Finger

Once you’re confident the lenses are perfectly clean and in top condition, remove them from their case gently with your fingers and lay one on the end of your index (pointing) finger. Make sure the contact lens is correctly shaped and that the concave side is facing upwards, away from your finger. Double-check that the lens is clean and that it isn’t inside out (soft lenses can fold inside out, so it’s best to be sure before using them).

Step 3: Putting The Lens In Place

Before placing the lens, raise the upper eyelid of the eye you intend to place the lens on using your opposite and free hand. With the hand holding the lens, use your middle finger to pull down the lower eyelid, making the eye ready to receive the contact lens. Gently move the lens towards your eye and steadily place it on your eye. Avoid blinking when placing the lens and it helps to look upwards and away from the lens as you place it centered over the iris. The first few times you might find it difficult because naturally, you want to shield your eyes when things go near them, but with practice, this whole process will eventually become second nature and you won’t flinch so much when putting on the lenses.

Step 4:Adjusting The Lens

Once the lens is in place, release your lower eyelid first, and then the upper. It is recommended to do it in this order because it avoids creating air bubbles in your eye, which can be pretty painful. Blink slowly over the lens until it feels secure and comfortable. If you feel any discomfort, remove the lens right away in case of causing damage to your eye. Repeat the process with the other lens until both are in place and feel comfortable.

Step 5: Removal

When the time comes to remove your lenses, as much care should still be taken as to putting them on. It’s recommended you use some eye drops on your eyes first to lubricate the lenses and make them easier to remove. Next, using your middle finger, pull down your lower eyelid and then touch the lens gently with your index finger. Slide the lens downwards from your eye and with your finger and thumb, carefully squeeze the lens and remove it. Easy!

Step 6: Aftercare

When you’re not using your lenses, always leave them in contact lens solution to keep them clean and make sure they’re within their use-by date. Check the label of the packaging to make sure of this and dispose of any lenses out of date, making no attempt to wear them again. You can also store your lenses in special cases which not only keep them immersed in the cleaning solution but protect them from damage.


Things To Remember!

  • Remove your lenses every night before sleeping, as wearing them overnight can cause corneal ulcers.
  • If using lenses for the first time, wear them for short periods of time so that your eyes can get used to them. Make sure your eyes don’t dry out with eye drops.
  • Never rinse lenses out with regular water, as even tap water may contaminate the lenses.
  • Put on your lenses before applying makeup to avoid contaminating them. Remove your lenses prior to removing makeup though, as they may get damaged by the sometimes vigorous action of using makeup wipes.
  • If you feel any pain or discomfort whilst using contact lenses, always contact a doctor or optician!
  • It’s also wise to ask their advice first before using cosmetic lenses.

So there you have it, a surefire guide to putting on those contact lenses safely and securely. In no time at all you’ll be wearing brightly coloured and bizarre designs to scare and amaze your friends. So now you know, check out our awesome collection of cosmetic lenses and get busy turning those eyes a brighter shade of awesome!