We know many of you love the horror movie genre and what‘s not to love? Gore, suspense and monsters – sounds like pure perfection. If you are already a know-it-all when it comes to horror films or are just discovering the delights of this genre we think topping up your wardrobe with Horror Movie T Shirts is the best way to show your love. These are the films/series to watch and the merch to go with them! 

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Top Picks For Cheap Horror T Shirts UK 

For more than 50% off you need to check out The Walking Dead range. This awesome discount is only here for a few more days so shop now before it is too late. The Walking Dead Eeny Meeny T Shirt and The Walking Dead Revolver T Shirt are must haves for any fan of the show.

As all horror fans will know all the creepy goings-ons happen at night which is why this bright Night Of The Living Dead T Shirt may just save you! The neon green text is surrounded by the same haunting faces found on the original movie poster. We love vintage horror movie t shirts and can’t get enough of this awesome print.




This tee has proven popular with alternative fashion blogger Midnight and Lace too! Check out her review here




We also got the chance to see Popcorn and Glitter modelling this popular tee. Check out her alternative outfit combo here. As far as horror movie tee shirts go we think this one will fly off the shelves.


This next tee comes from one of our favourite horror genres and is straight out of our 80's horror T shirts collection. If you are looking for slasher movie t shirts then look no further than this Nightmare On Elm Street Poster Horror T Shirt. The freaky silhouette of Freddy Krueger is sure to haunt you in your sleep, especially since he loves nothing more than to mess with your dreams!

One of the most popular TV series of recent times, American Horror Story has an equally popular horror clothing UK range to match. Check out the full section here for some of your favourite characters and cover art. 


If you love the style of b movie t shirts and adore band merch then you are simply going to adore this My Chemical Romance tee. For the best of both in one T shirt check out the Official My Chemical Romance Scary T Shirt. Our eyes don’t know where to look first! If you prefer to stick to the classic b movie poster style then you are going to absolutely fall for the Attack Of The 50ft Woman T Shirt. 


The biggest horror movie of 2017 undeniably has to be the IT movie. Pennywise the clown has haunted us ever since. He seems to be etched on the insides of our eyelids but if you want to freak out your friends even further then check out the IT Hidden Pennywise T Shirt for another glimpse of this demon. While this is our standout of horror movie t shirts UK for the last year, there are plenty more to browse: 

  • The Exorcist Poster Horror T Shirt 

  • Friday 13th Day Of Fear Horror T Shirt 

  • IT Movie Pennywise Horror T Shirt 


As you can see Blue Banana is the place to be for horror movie merchandise UK. With every genre covered and plenty of horror styles to choose from you are sure to find a kick ass tee that will help you express your true fashion style. 

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